The simplest way to find out if the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is for you is to watch some videos on the ‘Dave Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching’ YouTube Channel. I also recommend a listening to carefully selected audio excerpts on a variety of themes taken from my Live Online Enlightenment Transmission Classes. These videos and audios will help you gain self-understanding, spiritual development and Enlightenment.

Enlightenment-Now.Com will help you connect to the Enlightenment Teaching Transmission of spiritual teacher Dave Oshana and provide details of his worldwide teaching schedule.

Enlightenment-Now.Com will help you understand your spiritual path, identify your spiritual needs and speed up your spiritual development.

From Enlightenment-Now.Com you will receive help with assessing which teaching events are appropriate for you, how you can apply, prepare yourself, find travel suggestions and accommodation options (where relevant), meet and study with Dave Oshana and, of course, understand your true nature and find your real self.

You may also find useful the many participant reports, testimonies and peer reviews in helping you get a feel of how the Oshana teaching has helped others with their spiritual growth.

Last, but not least, Enlightenment-Now.Com is complemented by Oshana's other web-sites daveoshana.com, oshana.org, spiritual-teacher.org (spiritual-teacher.com), oshana-energywork.com and the-transmission.com.

And blogs: Spiritual Enlightenment and Un-Enlightened Society

oshana.org has a collection of Oshana's original, often humorous, answers to seeker's email questions, as well as, participant testimonials and reviews.

spiritual-teacher.org explains Oshana's unique teachings on enlightenment and spiritual development. You will understand how you make progress and what has been holding you back.

oshana-energywork.com - dedicated to Oshana's advanced healthcare and spiritual awakening techniques.

Spiritual Teacher Dave Oshana

Dave Oshana started sharing his practical, experiental approach to spirituality after being irrevocably transformed on 19 June 2000. Oshana credits his transformation to the Enlightenment Transmission - a universal force that helps to free individuals from spiritual limitation.

Since then, Oshana has directly taught thousands of truth-seekers worldwide during teaching events, as well as through published articles, email correspondence and web-sites.

In 2001, Oshana's live, spoken teaching appeared exclusively on a music CD Consciousness inspired by his consciousness-raising work. The first Oshana Energy-Work Method DVD is due to be released.

The Spiritual Enlightenment Transmission

The extraordinary benefits of the Spiritual Enlightenment Transmission have to be experienced to be even slightly comprehended. The Spiritual Enlightenment Transmission is a spiritual catalyst which accelerates seekers towards self-realisation, liberation, awakening and Enlightenment. As such, it can be considered the highest manifestation of life-force energy in Creation.

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching Process

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching Process incorporates several essential elements: