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Will you help me to get enlightened?
A student asks Dave Oshana "Will you help me to get enlightened?" Oshana replies positively, but asks whether the student is sufficiently prepared to have the "enlightenment mountain" climb totally change his life.
Stronger Stuff Coming
An enlightenment student asks Oshana what he meant by writing "stronger stuff coming - be prepared!" As an interesting follow-up the student's PC was hit by lightning soon after, which you can read more about in lightning strikes.
One-to-Ones for Couples?
Q: Is it OK to bring my living partner with me or better just be me?

Ans: One-to-ones are almost always one-to-one! Sometimes there might be a couples session but it is not typical. If the only waiting space will be immediately outside the room door - my concern is that you wouldn't have privacy and psychic space both during and after the meeting to assimilate the experience.
Enlightenment Retreat - Spiritual Preparation Advice
A seeker in America asks Dave Oshana about preparing for an upcoming Enlightenment Retreat. Oshana gives advice and emphasizes that following it is very important.
Guru Confusion
A seeker writes about his confusion with different gurus and choosing a spiritual path. Oshana provides clarity and a challenge to step on the real path, leave all concepts behind and enter through the real spiritual door.
Meditation Problems
A first-time enquirer suffering from chronic anxiety and diabetes writes about a frightening meditation experience. Oshana advises proper supervision, preparation and understanding to make the process as comfortable as possible.
What is Enlightenment?
Enlightenment is the realisation of what you truly are.
What are the benefits of Enlightenment?
Some people say that there are none. However, peace of mind, freedom, certainty and joy are some of the characteristic qualities which make seeking enlightenment highly worthwhile and essential
How can I get Enlightened?
Common opinion points to two methods, namely: Guru or life. A guru is simply another human being who has become enlightened. Obtaining the services of a bona-fide Guru, a.k.a. spiritual teacher, who can transmit the necessary knowledge and experience will put the seeker on the fast-track to enlightenment. Waiting upon life, while laudable, is definitely the slow-track.
Who is Dave Oshana?
Dave Oshana is a bona-fide enlightenment teacher. He can transmit powerful states of no-mind and deep understanding.


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