Oshana Energy-Work Method

The Oshana Energy-Work Method is a self-healing moving meditation which promotes peace of mind, deep relaxation and stress-release by clearing obstructions from the acupuncture qi-meridians and cleans the yoga chakras and nadis.

Developed by Dave Oshana, the Oshana Energy-Work Method is a powerful healthcare system designed to tone, detoxify and strengthen the body's muscles and internal organs.

Based on over 20 years experience with Western and Oriental healing arts, it offers effective solutions to real-life problems encountered by ordinary people and healthcare professionals.

The simple physical movements remove stress not only from the body, but also the mind and emotions. Practitioners report immediate health benefits from the first session followed by continuing and pleasantly unexpected lifestyle improvements as their practice deepens.

The OEWM utilises a series of physical movements, postures, self-massage, relaxation and breathing techniques which effectively support, strengthen and correct the body's functions. Each technique raises the student's energy and awareness levels. Advanced practitioners learn to identify, prevent and cure illness.

Oshana states that the key to good health is flow. The human body is comprised of several different circulatory systems which carry substances vital for survival. If the transportation of these substances is blocked then disease or death result. Dissolving such blockages is a life-enhancing action which increases vitality.

The OEWM concentrates on removing stress, tension and toxins by warming up the body, a pleasurable experience like an "inner sauna". These techniques are simple, safe and easy enough to be practiced by anyone.

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Previous Oshana Energy-Work Events

Oshana Energy Work Method Hour
Helsinki, Mondays, Autumn 2006
Oshana Energy Work Method Practice
Tuusula, Wednesdays, Autumn 2006
Energy Cleaning Moving Meditation
Helsinki, Thursdays, Autumn 2006
Opening the Heaven and Earth Channels
11 Nov 2006
Basics Of Good Moving Meditation, Self-Healing and Channel Cleaning
21 Oct 2006
Free Oshana Self-Healing Practice
01 Oct 2006
Free Oshana Self-Healing Practice
24 Sept 2006
Free Oshana Self-Healing Practice
17 Sept 2006
Morning Energy-Work Practice
June 2006 (daily)
Meditative Energy Circuits
18 Mar 2006
Weekly Energy-Work Practice
Spring 2006
Dissolve Even Light
20 Nov 2005
Soul Connections
10 Nov 2005
Morning Oshana Energy-Work Classes
June 2005
Vital Points and Details
28 May 2005
Enlightenment Happens In The Body: Connect through Clearing
30 April 2005
Slow and Easy is Fastest
17 April 2005
Align, Sink, Dissolve Oshana Energy-Work
26 March 2005
Release, Relax, Open and Let Go
12 Feb 2005
Out of The Darkness, Into the Light
15 Jan 2005
Detoxify, Unblock and Connect
30 Oct 2004


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