Awakening Lecture Central London, UK
17th Sept 2009. Thursday. 7-9pm
Awakening: Be Free of the Mind's Prison
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A rare possibility. The only public opportunity this year in UK to understand the way to beingness, awakening and enlightenment as guided by enlightened spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana. This talk is more than just a lecture - it is a chance to experience your full potential simply by sitting.

In the words of one American participant "According to spiritual folklore, certain Zen masters possessed a gift called “Transmission.”  This gift would manifest itself when students would sit with the Zen teacher.  While sitting with the teacher, the student would resonate at the enlightened frequency (presence) of the teacher and thereby “see” through enlightened eyes and experience life accordingly.  I can say firsthand that Dave possesses this gift."

Oshana recently taught on an extremely powerful retreat that the best service that a person can do for others is to "give the gift of beingness". That means that what you really want is to fully feel the presence, acceptance and beingness of another person - and in return they want the same from you.

Oshana teaches that Enlightenment is simply being fully awake to each and every moment, to be a full participant in the one time only existence of your human life and the lives of others. If the song is true "What the world needs now is love, sweet love: It's the only thing that there's just too little of. ..." then what the world is aching for is your authentic unconditional love, kindness and attention.  

There will be time for questions and answers and to meet Dave Oshana afterwards for newcomers to apply for upcoming Oshana Enlightenment Teachings, Energy-Work and Meditation Intensives.

All are welcome.
Arrive early. Seating is limited to 50, after that standing room only.
No entry as soon as lecture starts.

Mysteries Bookshop & New Age Centre
9-11 Monmouth Street
London WC2H 9EQ
Easy Access.
Nearest Tube Stations: Covent Garden/Tottenham Court Rd

Everyone is welcome.
Please arrive early to gain entry and a seat.
Doors will be shut when meeting starts.

New? : If you wish to attend the 19.9.09 Intensive "Waking Up, Getting Conscious, Being Enlightened" then you should attend this event. You can then register your name and ask Dave for advice about preparing.

One-to-Ones: A few personal One-to-One meetings with Oshana are bookable. A chance to be with Oshana and clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes: Every Sunday there are live online classes with Dave Oshana (bookable at as well as free audio teaching). Next classes: 9 Aug, 16 Aug, 23 Aug, 30 Aug and 6 Sept.


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