Spiritual Lecture Helsinki, Finland
18.2.10. Thursday. 18.00-20.00
Experience Absolute Love
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Of Love there are many kinds. Before a person experiences overwhelming love in this world something must open up inside. Pierce the canopy above this level and Love will rain in, changing the whole human experience.

This lecture, which includes question and answer time, considers the real and practical ways open to you to experience Love, first from the Source of Creation and then in your love life, family, social network and created universe.

There is a great need for a deeper understanding about all sorts of  relationships especially romantic, family, social and nature - hence the Transmission Teachings of Love this season. This lecture aims to give you an introduction to a practical, experiential understanding of love, its causes, reasons and fruition.

The movement of Love is from inner to outer. Whereas the spiritual individual initially seeks a perfect connection with the Divine resulting in inner happiness - the ultimate destination and scope of that individual is much wider: to become a conduit of love for the Divine to every object and element in Creation.

The Creation groans and anxiously awaits, the harmonious and fully mature love of humankind which is currently in an infantile state.

Happiness starts with the sure realisation that you can never leave the Loving Embrace of God, but ultimately, full joy can only be realised when this happiness is shared by all.

Your starting point is your vertical experience of Love from above (God) and within which extends below to the Earth, and finds its full fulfilment in horizontal to the elements of Creation including humankind.

Come to this spiritual lecture which represent the beginning of knowing and an end to ignorance. You have the power, wisdom and understanding.

This event is rare opportunity to meet enlightened spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana and to experience your full potential simply by sitting in the energy of the Enlightenment Transmission.

There will be time for questions and answers and to meet Dave Oshana afterwards for newcomers to apply for upcoming Oshana Enlightenment Intensives and Retreats, Energy-Work classes and Guided Meditation sessions.

Bring water to drink to facilitate the healing process. Completely power off your mobile phone to protect your energy field. Allow plenty of time to arrive and get comfortable.

Arrive early. Seating is limited to 50, after that standing room only.
No entry after lecture actually starts as doors will be shut.
Lecture in English

New People: If you wish to attend the 27 Feb Spiritual Loving Relationships then you should attend this event. You can then register your name and ask Dave advice about preparing.

One-to-Ones: Personal One-to-One meetings with Oshana are bookable. A chance to be with Oshana and clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes: Every Sunday there are live online classes with Dave Oshana (bookable at daveoshana.com) - and also - free audio teaching. Next classes: 21 & 28 Feb.


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