Enlightenment Transmission Intensive Central Helsinki, Finland
6 Nov 2010. Saturday. 10:00-14:00
The Rest of Your Life

From this point onwards you only have the rest of your life to look forward to. And it should precisely that: rest. Haven't you always desired to retire from heavy and unnatural labours so that you can actually start enjoying? The rest of your life starts today!

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Spiritual guidance should fully support you to enjoy your self, others and life in all their perfect fullness.

However, it will not matter how wonderful life could be if you do not let it in. Somehow, you know that life could be truly breathtaking but you are so afraid that you paralyse yourself and fail to breathe.

The consequences of not taking that breath are truly tragic. Furthermore, it is so unnecessary.

This class will be a meditation about what you could have and help you contrast that with what you have been holding onto and thereby keeping away from you. This class will help you realise the consequences and make it easier for you to make the best possible choice.

It is recommended that new participants meet Dave or book and listen to online class replays in advance before attending this Intensive.

One-to-One Consultations
A limited number of personal One-to-One meetings with Dave will be available for those attending the Teaching events on non-group teaching days. Take this to chance clear the obstacles from your spiritual path.

Live Online Classes
Live online classes with Dave Oshana every Sunday are an ideal way to prepare for Introductions and Intensives, experience the benefits of Transmission, hear the latest Teaching and top up your bliss levels. Internet classes and replays can be booked at daveoshana.com


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