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19 Dec 2010. Sunday. 6-7.30pm Helsinki (4pm London, 11am New York)
The Enlightenment Path of Jesus

When Jesus' teaching becomes popular then you will know that it has been bleached of its full meaning, which is, to be one with your real self, Creator and Creation, in other words, Enlightenment.

 jesus enlightenment path

You know something is terribly wrong when society uses an executed man's birthday to sell merchandising. 2000 years later they are still flogging Jesus, although the only cuts now are turkey slices and the inevitable winter sales.

One way to inoculate, and one day hopefully to eradicate, this travesty is to spread a truer, more meaningful picture of Jesus.

Many people feel that the story of Jesus is deep. However, modern portrayals often fall short of delivering the profound mystical aspects of Jesus own quest and Enlightenment.

Although, it seems I deliver a Jesus message every year, this year I thought it was not necessary. However, I am moved to set the record straight and make my own unique offering and contribution to the warmth and light of this solstice time.

Mostly important is how the story of the deeply spiritual and sincere man, Jesus, can effect your life. Many seekers saw their lives in the path of Neo in The Matrix movie and so you might find yourself in the Jesus narrative told from an enlightened perspective.

In this live online class, I will deliver my final message of the year: the good news that Enlightenment is, and always has been, possible no matter what the odds as seen in the case history of Jesus of Nazareth.

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There's nothing to do this Sunday but drop in. Meet you on the inside!

This might be the last live internet class this year, if it is then we will continue in January 2011. Always note the start time for your time zone.

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