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8 May 2011. Sunday. 6-7.30pm Helsinki (4pm London, 11am New York)
Spiritual Rally Driving: Putting It All Together!

If the spiritual path is more like rally-cross than a teddy bear's walk in the garden of life, then you will do well to have a look at the map and to train your reflexes and manoeuvres. Making a mistake is deadly - the ego is unforgiving, you could end up in a hole. Leave that place free for holier-than-thou types. Get ahead, and get out of the spiritual rat race.

The recent series of online Live Transmission classes have traversed the essential areas of the spiritual seeking landscape in detail, depth and with soul-shifting power. The next class, the first in the new season, will put together all that you have heard and received.

We will consider:
  • The spiritual path and what it involves
  • Spiritual teaching and how to interface with it
  • What's helpful, essential and also unnecessary for the spiritual path
  • The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching: What it offers, how you can access it and how it's differs from other spiritual teaching forms
  • How you can move forward in your spiritual life
  • How Enlightenment starts when spiritual life ends

The class will explain the purpose of the various areas of the Oshana Teaching including: Public Introductions, Enlightenment Intensives, Transmission Retreats, Oshana Energy-Work Method practice, lifestyle and Oshana energy-food advice and One-to-Ones.

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Further Live Transmission & Enlightenment Teaching classes are expected to continue on 15th May - stay tuned. Always note the start time for your time zone.

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Replays are always available upon request for listening at anytime - we have a growing selection of over 20 class replays available to take your pick from previous events:
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