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24 Mar 2019. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
Inside the Womb of Existence
Visceral journey to the core of the human existential experience. Human conditioning has eradicated awareness of time in the womb and the deep patterning of brain and nervous system. However, what the mind forgets, the body recalls.
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6 Apr 2019. Saturday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, Noon New York)
A Taste of Formlessness
Exactly what am I offering? Enlightenment, energy, experience, teaching or relationship? Many assume, few actually know. This free meeting aims to make it clearer, not by telling, but by showing. Seeing is believing. Your experience is your guide. So open you senses and notice everything that happens.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
13 Jun-20 Jun 2019. Thursday 6pm-Thursday 4pm
Formlessness: Enlightenment Day Midnight Sun Island Retreat
On this fully-immersive interactive retreat you will see the famous Midnight Sun in Finland and directly experience the raw power of Enlightenment Transmission Day.

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