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Oshana New Year's Eve Tsunami Message

May peace and liberation come to those who seek it in 2005.

In the last few days the global community has received a shocking impetus to wake up from illusion following the Boxing Day Tsunami (26 Dec). Not only is the Earth still ringing from the physical effects of the earthquake, but the emotional and psychic bodies of all individuals directly and indirectly connected to this catastrophic tragedy have been dramatically shaken. The cloud of charged fear, grief and frustration that permeates the planet's atmosphere is so heavy that it can even be felt several kilometres above ground-level (I have made several air-trips since the incident). This cloud of heavy emotion and suffering will not disperse until the recently departed souls roaming in search of friends and relatives have been guided onward on their journey.

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Happy Holidays & New Year 2005

The new events schedule will gradually appear on our meetings page over the next few weeks. The first group teaching is 15 Jan 2005.

26 Dec 2004

Finland 2005 Events - Sneak Preview

Observant readers of our meetings page will have noticed the gradual appearance of some new (and friendly) creatures - the 2005 events. The schedule of which is being created as I write ... (includes Energy-Work & Enlightenment Retreat 17-27 July 2005)

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Enlightenment Transmission - London 12-20 Dec 2004

An opportunity for you to experience the cleaning and healing power of the Enlightenment Transmission and get answers to your most important questions.

You will gain further insights about Enlightenment, your own life and the world you live in. This is a rare London teaching visit.

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The Goal is Total Transformation Retreat 3-5 Dec 2004

The last chance to receive an unimaginable amount of transformational Enlightenment Transmission this year. It is therefore recommended that all potential participants have prepared adequately by attending earlier courses.

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Will you help me to get enlightened?

A student asks Dave Oshana "Will you help me to get enlightened?" Oshana replies positively, but asks whether the student is sufficiently prepared to have the "enlightenment mountain" climb totally change his life.

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Integration for Enlightened Living 20 Nov 2004 Helsinki

The fundamental issues of dealing with the real but invisible energies which affect one's daily life and one's quest for enlightenment.

This intensive is an important preparation for the upcoming 3 - 5 Dec Retreat by removing the energetic, conceptual and personal blockages to clear seeing and understanding, and thereby facilitate accelerated growth in the participant's conceptual and actual awareness of reality, as well as, an increased ability to absorb and accept the purifying action of the Transmission to a deeper level.

Advance booking, advice, attendance of at least one Introduction or one-to-one meeting and knowledge of the Teaching is strongly recommended.

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Living in The Enlightened Space 7 Nov 2004 Tampere

How to live in enlightened awareness all of the time?

We will practically explore the answer to this question through experiential exercises and journeys in consciousness. Students will develop bodily and energetic sensitivity and understanding of the enlightenment healing transmission through the Oshana Energy-Work Method, discussion and explanations.

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Energy-Work Intensive 30 Oct 2004 Helsinki

Detoxify, Unblock and Connect

Health professionals consider the Oshana Energy-Work Method to be a superior system for cleaning and strengthening the body's energies. It is also an essential preparation for receiving the full benefits of Enlightenment Healing Transmission. It detoxifies impurities, clears blockages and restores energetic balance to the human organism.

This Intensive is the last 2004 Oshana course devoted solely to Energy-Work and developing the inner awareness and understanding that Enlightenment students (and therapists) need when dealing with various energies in everyday life.

This Oshana Energy-Work Method Intensive is now full.

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Free Teaching - Tampere 23 Oct 2004

After giving the experience of the enlightenment healing transmission, and a full overview of the teaching, to a packed audience in Helsinki on 20 Oct 2004, spiritual teacher Dave Oshana will explore further insights in this fascinating meeting at the famous Tampere Metso in this final free everyone-is-invited 2004-series workshop.

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Tampere Enlightenment Intensive Flights

RyanAir's inexpensive flights make Tampere, Finland a cost-effective way for overseas students to gain direct access to the Transmission in early November.

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Enlightenment Transmission's Lightning Strike

A lightning strike blows-up a family's personal computer system at exactly the same time that the husband met with Dave Oshana for a one-to-one. How statistically unlikely is that? This is not the first time that electrical devices have behaved bizarrely around Oshana even airport security machines have malfunctioned. Also read Stronger Stuff Coming.

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Summer 2004 Retreat - Student Notes

A Finnish enlightenment student shares some notes made after the Summer 2004 Retreat.

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Preparation for an Enlightenment Retreat

A seeker in America asks for advice about preparing for an Enlightenment Retreat. Oshana gives that advice and emphasizes that following it is very important.

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More Enlightenment Transmission Events (2004)

Seekers never forget the experience of the Transmission - over 75% of the participants reported experiencing extra-ordinary phenomena from their first encounters with the Transmission.

12 events including a free 5-part introduction series and residential retreats have been scheduled for the rest of 2004. Web-page also includes a personal message from Dave Oshana. Events in Helsinki, Tuusula, Tampere and Nurmij´┐Żrvi.

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Enlightenment Retreats

The next weekend residential retreat is 3-5 Dec 2004. An excellent opportunity to explore the many dimensions of the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching-Transmission includes energy-work, energy-diet, group discussions and more.

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Enlightenment in Tampere

In Finland, where the Transmission is happening most: the Enlightenment Teaching visits Tampere a place of young, fresh energy in the form of an Introduction on 23 Oct 2004 and a 1-day Enlightenment Intensive on 7 Nov 2004.

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Guru Confusion

A seeker writes about his confusion with different gurus and choosing a spiritual path. Oshana provides clarity and a challenge to step on the real path, leave all concepts behind and enter through the real spiritual door.

Meditation Problems

A first-time enquirer suffering from chronic anxiety and diabetes writes about a frightening meditation experience. Oshana advises proper supervision, preparation and understanding to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Suomenkieliset Linkit

Enlightenment web-pages for Finnish readers

Spiritual Energetics of Food

The real purpose of food, what it can do for you, supreme pleasures and pitfalls.

How to Get Enlightened

A brief overview of this most important subject

What is Enlightenment Now?

Enlightenment-Now is results-driven teaching based upon the experience of no-mind and freedom from limiting perceptions.

The enlightenment seeker's recipe for success is to have three things: an Enlightened Teacher, an Enlightened Teaching and the Enlightenment Transmission.


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