Previous Enlightenment Teachings

Mind-to-Mind Transmission - 03.12.2005
Special Transmission Intensive

The Enlightenment Transmission is the royal, kingly and also only way to prepare the way for Enlightenment to strike - to wake up the sleeping soul from within its mentally constructed and obstructive casing.

28 Nov 2005 Mind-to-Mind Transmission »

The Real Spiritual Path - 07.12.2005
Evening of Awakening

The final free enlightenment teaching with spiritual teacher Dave Oshana for 2005.

Considering that Enlightenment has been with the human race for thousands of years one might expect that it is well-understood.

Far from it, indeed the opposite is true. In fact, spiritual error abounds and is the norm rather than the exception. The real spiritual path is difficult to find and walk because it is hidden within you.

Learn from the experience of an enlightened teacher as he describes The Real Spiritual Path.

Rikhardinkadun kirjasto

22 Nov 2005 The Real Spiritual Path »

Dissolve Even Light - 20.11.2005
Energy-Work Master-Class

Oshana will lead participants in the theory and practice of dissolving the energetic structure of the material world and the body's gross and subtle blockages. Discover that core structures can be safely dissolved and you will know that you can Dissolve Even Light.

14 Nov 2005 Dissolve Even Light »

Teaching Structure Changes in 2006

Structural changes to Oshana Enlightenment Teaching courses are expected to be implemented throughout 2006.

Students wishing to take advantage of the current low prices, less demanding application and preparation procedures and direct personal instruction from Dave Oshana should apply for the last few remaining classes of 2005.

14 Nov 2005 Teaching Structure Changes in 2006 »

Better Soul Connections - 10.11.2005
Special Energy-Work Lecture

Spiritual Teacher, Dave Oshana, will demonstrate how to release stuck emotions, attain peace of mind and better soul connections through his system of moving meditation - the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

08 Nov 2005 Better Soul Connections »

The Souls' Spiritual Break-Out - 06.11.2005
Spiritual Enlightenment Intensive

Break-out of the prison of the mind and the limitations of the body. Experience Unity Consciousness with Source.

01 Nov 2005 The Souls' Spiritual Break-Out »

Free - What's Missing From My Spiritual Life? -

The third Helsinki enlightenment teach-in with spiritual teacher Dave Oshana. The spiritual journey is typically a long, lonely and uncharted path. Failure is more likely than success unless you have a spiritual guide. Oshana will share from his own experience some practical methods for attaining enlightenment for every seeker who has asked What's Missing From My Spiritual Life?

28 Oct 2005 What's Missing From My Spiritual Life? »

Gateway to Enlightenment

The Oshana Gateway to Enlightenment process is designed to take spiritual seekers all the way to full embodied enlightenment. It includes assessment, preparation, group teaching and spiritual coaching procedures.

12 Oct 2005 Gateway to Enlightenment »

Oshana Teaches in Turku 26 Oct

In his first-ever Spiritual Enlightenment Teaching in Turku, Dave Oshana will explain how eternal peace may only be obtained through self-realisation.

19 Sep 2005 Eternal Peace »

Free Morning Energy-Work 17 Sept

Free class in Finnish
An ideal way to try-out the weekly Oshana Energy-Work Class series entitled Raising Your Life-Force

13 Sep 2005 Practice Makes Perfect »

Free Morning Energy-Work 13 Sept

Free class in Finnish.

10 Sep 2005 Tune-in to Life »

Thursdays - Oshana Energy-Work Classes

Regular Oshana Energy-Work Method training sessions designed to raise the life-force of the practitioner through consistent practice.

Develop a strong experiential understanding of the techniques and principles of the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Feel better, stronger and clearer.

These classes will be taught in Finnish by an experienced Oshana Energy-Work Method practitioner.

Dave Oshana will teach one of these classes every month.

7 Sep 2005 Raising Your Life-Force »

Free Spiritual Teaching Events Sept-Dec 2005

This autumn 2005 Dave Oshana invites you to discover your full soul-potential during a ground-breaking series of free spiritual events in Central Helsinki: a 4-part lecture series entitled "Evenings of Awakening" and three Oshana Energy-Work Classes.

23 Aug 2005 Free Spiritual Teaching Events »

Get Real With Enlightenment - 27 Aug - London

London Enlightenment Intensive with spiritual teacher Dave Oshana.

14 Aug 2005 Get Real With Enlightenment »

2005 Enlightenment Events Now On-line

A schedule of Enlightenment meetings and Oshana Energy-Work Method events is now on our Enlightenment Events page.

Highlights include:

  • Oshana Energy-Work Method DVD Launch
  • Free Oshana Energy-Work Method Class
  • Free Evenings of Awakening (4-part series)
  • Spiritual Enlightenment Intensive (2)
  • Enlightenment Transmission Retreat (3 days)
  • Oshana Energy-Work Master-Class (2)
  • Energy-Work Method Study-Classes (Weekly)

You may be interested in the concentrated study opportunities afforded by the 3-day Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Gateway to Enlightenment on 14-16 Oct. New overseas seekers should apply in good time because the Transmission Preparation Process may take several weeks to complete.

9 Aug 2005 Enlightenment Events Now On-line »

Enlightenment Events - Finland & London - Autumn/Winter 2005

Oshana will be teaching in London in August followed by Finland from September. The next Enlightenment Retreat Residential is 14-16th October in Nurmij�rvi, Finland (Gateway to Enlightenment).

29 Jul 2005 Enlightenment Events - Finland & London »

Personal Experience of Enlightenment

Selected personal experiences of the Enlightenment Transmission.

15 Jul 2005 Personal Experience of Enlightenment »

The London Bomb Blasts In The Wake of September 11
By Spiritual Teacher Dave Oshana

Former Londoner and spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana's unique message of hope following the recent terrorist bomb attacks which killed and injured hundreds of innocent people in London and thousands on September 11.

9 Jul 2005 London Bomb Blasts »

OEWM DVD - Filming Has Started

The Oshana Energy-Work Method DVD filming has started. A professional crew are being employed from start to finish. This is going to be a very informative, watchable and unique energy-work/health/movement DVD.

Costs for such video productions are always higher than anticipated. All donations are welcome. If you feel like donating then please contact us. We will be setting up an online donations web-page soon.

9 Jul 2005 OEWM DVD - Filming »

Summer Retreat & Spanish Pages Online

Summer Retreat

The Enlightenment Tranmission-filled Retreat will focus on Oshana Energy-Work Method practices, Enlightenment Teaching, and Oshana Energy-Diet Cooking Methods.

8 Jul 2005 Summer Retreat & Spanish Pages »

Morning Energy-Work Classes
from 2 June

Helsinki-area enlightenment seekers have a great opportunity to develop their energy and awareness level during early morning Oshana Energy-Work Classes in June and July.

30 May 2005 Morning Energy-Work Classes »

Vital Points & Details - 28 May 2005 - Energy-Work Intensive

Vital points of the Oshana Energy-Work Method include: the basics of breath, posture, movement, awareness and vital energy points.

21 May 2005 Vital Points & Details »

Final Open Teaching Meeting - 11 May 2005

On 11 May 2005, Oshana will give the ultimate meeting in his four-part free open monthly teaching series in Helsinki. This may be the last chance to catch Oshana's teaching translated live into Finnish.

10 May 2005 Final Open Teaching Meeting »

Life - Its All or Nothing - 11 May 2005

Living does not have to be an effort-filled struggle against your mind. You dont need to work on your attitude. The real you is already as perfect as it ever will be. Meet him or her today. Free Teaching.

7 May 2005 Life - Its All or Nothing »

Enlightenment Happens In The Body: Connect through Clearing - 30 Apr 2005

In this intensive Oshana will elaborate on a radical concept: enlightenment happens in the body first and then spreads to the other parts of the inner human system.

24 Apr 2005 Connect through Clearing »

InterActive Dialogues and Therapeutic Modelling - 27 Apr 2005

In this special event Dave will explore the therapeutic model with a group of psychotherapists, and friends, who affirm the role of art, spirituality and the existential search for meaning in the healing and individuation process.

20 Apr 2005 Read more »

Four Days and Three Events

Participants at the free meeting on Thursday 14 April will get opportunity to engage in No-Mind dialogues - a classic and definitive Oshana demonstration of how easily attainable is the No-Mind state.

12 Apr 2005

What is Enlightenment Transmission?

Transmission forms the basis of my teaching. If it was not for Transmission then there would be no teacher, no teaching and no enlightenment.

7 Apr 2005 Read more »

Bringing in Consciousness, Clearing the Body - 10 Apr 2005, London

Oshana will teach Bringing in Consciousness, Clearing the Body an Enlightenment Intensive in Central London. Oshana will lead us in the practice Clearing the Body which allows Consciousness to flow through the body. This is a practical experiential workshop which will give participants effective tools which they can immediately use. It will also promote vital awarenesses.

4 Apr 2005 Read more »

Align, Sink, Dissolve - Oshana Energy-Work 26 Mar 2005

Have you tried to meditate, heal or simply "just be". You may have managed it in the presence of an enlightened teacher, but how can you manage it on your own?

The magical formula is not so difficult to understand - once you experience it.

It can be taught via 3 simple concepts: Align, Sink and Dissolve.

24 March 2005 Read more »

Explore the Elements - Winter 2005 Island Retreat Report

I have just got back from Oshanas Winter Island Enlightenment Retreat entitled "Explore the Elements". It was everything that I could have expected and more. I feel cleansed, strengthened and rebuilt. I knew that my life had to change, and now I feel that it has changed.

21 Mar 2005 Read more »

Oshana Methods - Book, DVD and Schedule Changes

After May 2005, Dave will concentrate on explaining his teaching through books and DVD. If you have any knowledge or advice in the area of publishing, film or audio please contact us.

12 Mar 2005 Read more »

Spiritual Midwifery - Natural Childbirth

Birth is a rite of passage which will affect the incoming soul forever in all relationships. Western medicine is concerned with government policies - not with spiritual matters. Consequently, the birthing process can be disempowering. Parents-to-be need realistic information to be able to make informed choices.

22 Feb 2005 Read more »

Greater Global Teaching Accessibility

The 6th Anniversary Enlightenment Day Celebrations and the 10-day Summer Retreat in July 2005, Oshana teaching program will lead to a different direction. Surprisingly, less than 1% of the Enlightenment Teaching is distributed. Only those able to attend the enlightenment courses have been fortunate enough to directly appreciate the full depth of Oshana Teaching. Few are really in the enviable position of discerning the true worth of the Teaching Transmission and its impact on daily life.

21 Feb 2005 Read more »

Enlightenment and Everything That It Involves 26 Feb 2005

Enlightenment Intensive, Helsinki

Getting clear the right ideas about enlightenment is going to save you a whole lot of heart-break, frustration and suffering.

18 Feb 2005 Read more »

Release, Relax, Open & Let Go 12 Feb 2005

Energy-Work Intensive, Helsinki

An essential grounding in the fundamentals of the Oshana Energy-Work Method and moving meditation. You will learn how to clean, repair and strengthen essential bodily energy channels.

8 Feb 2005 Read more »

Enlightenment-Now in German

The lifestyle section of has been translated into German language.

7 Feb 2005 Read more »

Find your Real Self 6 Feb 2005

Min� Olen Fair, Espoo

Min� Olen magazine has invited spiritual teacher Dave Oshana to reveal something about Enlightenment, Energy-Work and Enlightened Living to celebrate their 10th Anniversary Fair.

30 Jan 2005 Read more »

Going Deeper - Into the Heart of Enlightenment 29 Jan 2005

Enlightenment Intensive

This first Enlightenment Intensive of the year has been specifically scheduled to take existing students deeper into the heart of enlightenment. Now is an ideal opportunity to clear up any remaining questions and go deeper into the fundamentals and nuances of the teaching.

24 Jan 2005 Read more »

Out of The Darkness, Into the Light 15 Jan 2005

Energy-Work - Meditation Intensive

Life is waiting to burst forth from beneath the frozen surface of the Earth.

In this Intensive we will contact the source of light and life within. True meditation is a paradox which can only happen spontaneously in the presence of an enlightened person.

2 Jan 2005 Read more »

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