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The Enlightenment Transmission has a purifying effect upon the physical (and energetic) body.

The modern person's body, lungs, stomach and intestines are a toxic waste-land. The main pollutant sources are diet and un-natural (man-made) environments.

People are surprised to find that their stomachs and intestines spontaneously start a purging process, without warning, immediately upon or just before, contact with the Enlightenment Transmission. From then on, they become hyper-sensitive to inappropriate substances, and are unable to imbibe them without becoming sick.

Creeping Death

If you could see an energetic spectral analysis of the typical human body then you would see organs that are atrophying and energy lines that no longer flow. You would see a death creeping in.

The Anti-Life Virus

The system that babies are born into is anti-life, anti-spirituality and anti-enlightenment. Every baby's spirit is automatically suppressed. Children are forced to act and think in ways that are alien to their essential nature. They are not allowed to develop in ways that are to us presently, unimaginable, and relatively advanced.

Psycho-Spiritual Dietetic Coercion

Diet is used to reinforce this conditioning. Children are fed addictive substances to which they are allergic. While some of these substances are labelled "food", others are described as alcohol, spirits, medicine, cigarettes, tobacco, and drugs (both prescribed and recreational). There are further pollutants in the environment: noise, noxious gases from industry and automobiles and various types of radiation (from nuclear waste and mobile phones).

Diet as a Life-Process

Diet is, tragically, a misunderstood life-art-form-process. Diet is accommodation, assimilation and defecation. Diet is to automatically applied to everything that you meet in life: physical, mental, emotional, psychic and energetic substances.

Accommodation, Assimilation and Defecation

There are three stages of encountering an object and each presents a choice to your physical/energetic system.

  1. Accommodation - Upon perceiving the object, you can either reject it or put it in your system.
  2. Assimilation - Once the object is inside your system, you can either reject it or process it
  3. Defecation - When the object has been processed, it (or its constituent parts) can either be expelled or held.

The Life-Affirmative Energy Diet

Enlightened dietary practice involves maximising the chances of encountering and processing vital (life-essential) substances, minimising the chances of encountering anti-life substances and rejecting (or expelling) all unnecessary substances as soon as possible.

A good diet extracts good energy from the environment with as little effort, or stress, as possible. Good energy is that energy which sustains physical, mental, emotional, psychic and energetic health. This understanding goes beyond the understanding of modern nutritional science but is found, to some degree, within traditional and modern complementary healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Homeopathy and quite a few others that have not yet been "discovered" by the West. A full understanding of these healing arts is only available to the practitioner who can perceive the energies of the patient to be diagnosed and the substances prescribed (food, herbs, acupuncture needles, moxabustion materials, homeopathic substances). The same applies to hands-on, hands-off and distant healing.

Guarding Against Pernicious Influences

When the substance to be imbibed is a particular food substance then we must consider all energies that have ever acted upon that food substance - from conception (e.g. how a seed was created) to assimilation into the human system. We must also ensure that no unwanted energies enter the human system during the accommodation-assimilation phase.

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