What happens?

Every Enlightenment Retreat is different and the listed description is only the journey's start point. We will have an opportunity to engage in:

Beyond an Enlightenment Intensive

An Enlightenment Retreat is far beyond an Enlightenment Intensive. You will be in the Teaching Transmission continuously over many days and nights. Students may rise as early 05:00 and or rest as late as 02:00 - though generally there is enough time to get 6-8 hours rest. The schedule for each day will vary. Only meal-times are fixed. Daily hourly teaching averages will be normally be 8-12 hours. Oshana will demonstrate the qualities of a true spiritual teacher through his care, time, attention and patience.

Entrance Requirements

Prior experience of the Oshana Teaching is required to attend to familiarise and prepare you for the intensity of the retreat experience (especially if you intend to attend all modules (if there are any) of the Summer Retreat).

It is therefore strongly recommended that you now attend, in advance, as many Oshana meetings as possible, including Enlightenment Introductions, Energy-Work Method classes and 1-day and 3-day Retreats.

Which modules should I do?

Any modules (if there are any) of a long retreat should be completed in sequence. It may be possible to attend one or two modules only but priority will be given to students who apply for all three. The early part of the Retreat will generally focus on extensive energy clearing using the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

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