Will you help me to get enlightened?

A student asks Dave Oshana "Will you help me to get enlightened?" Oshana replies positively, but asks whether the student is sufficiently prepared to have the "enlightenment mountain" climb totally change his life.

Student: Will you help me to get enlightened?

Oshana: That is a bit of an odd question/request to put to an enlightenment teacher since an enlightenment teacher's only function is to teach enlightenment.

But there is something which I learned many years ago, which is: not everyone who says they want enlightenment is really ready for it. In fact, they do not understand what they are asking for and how it will affect their whole life. The majority of my teaching time is spent preparing seekers for the total life-change which enlightenment will bring. The early stages of teaching involve seeing how students can cope with change: new concepts and new experiences. If they cling desperately to what they think is real, or wish to be true, then they need to go back to the basics even if they think they are advanced.

So you ask "will you help me to get enlightened?" Do you know what you are asking for?

When a group of seekers ask for enlightenment, I have to forget the goal, i.e. enlightenment, because they are not ready for the direct assault (i.e. climb) up the cold, sheer face of the mountain. Instead, I have to spend time with them in the lowlands playing football to develop their endurance, commitment, balance and awareness. Even when they learn acrobatic kicks, flying tackles and can run all day without fatigue - they are still not ready - not at least for climbing. They still need to know what it is that they are seeking. All that running around the soccer pitch unburdens them of their old mistaken concepts but they still do not have accurate ones.

You realise, of course, that the football training is only a metaphor.

Taking a seeker too early into real areas of consciousness would be too much of a challenge for the mind's concepts. The only "safe" spiritual experiences for unprepared seekers are fake ones generated by the mind itself, which lead not to awakening and transformation, but a growing obsession with maintaining the false identity.

So you request "will you help me to get enlightened?" The answer is yes, and: are you ready to do the necessary groundwork?

If all this high-altitude talk, is making you light-headed, and unable to concentrate then do not worry because we will all be down on the soccer pitch on Sunday learning how to ground the energies into the Earth. Forget about enlightenment for the moment, and take care of that dizzy-head, that sick stomach and breathe some refreshing air. When you feel "right as rain" (as the Oracle said to Neo in The Matrix) and all your systems are fully functioning then the direct assault up "enlightenment mountain" can really begin.

Are you ready for that?

On a more practical note, your earlier emails speak of your gains in relating, awareness and energy since your first Intensive. Many of your questions about the energies are good ones which I would have enjoyed answering and sharing on the web-site, but now is not the time for that. Anyway, the answers will come to you if you remain open to new concepts and understandings.

Your next immediate issue will be how to maintain and increase your gains. You need more Teaching. I am sure you are aware of that, (hence the many recent emails from you). You will need more Transmission. The fact is that unless you have been exceptionally well-prepared and developed you will need more than one direct encounter with the Transmission. I note your kind offer to help establish the Teaching in your home country, however while I would like to go there, that time is not now. Also, you need to receive more on a personal level before you can be fully involved in the rigours of this teaching mission.

Dave Oshana

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