What is Enlightenment? - A Poem

Enlightenment is not linguistic.
It is not taught by altering conceptual beliefs.
It is not perceiving the physical world differently.
It is a core transformation.
Where identification ceases.
The persona you had is revealed as an accessory.
You may keep it or trade it in.
Some of it remains.

After Enlightenment the body remains.
The physical world full of pain, suffering and people still exists.

Those people are not enlightened.
Are not yet awake.

Awakening is simply becoming aware of something.
It is not freedom.
Unless it is discovering the illusory self.
Freedom from that is Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is the most important awakening.
It reveals that you are not a physical human being.
But the physical world is real.
As is your physical body.
Which is on loan.
For awhile.

Discovering the illusion of the persona
Is a nightmare
Without the resting in bliss
Of that which is beyond
The persona

There are safe and unsafe ways
To discover that which is
All realisations have a trickle down effect

Are your lower parts
Ready for that which your higher parts
Might impart?
Most people live active lives of denial

The basic truth is obvious
because it is experientially apparent
as well as philosophically

Philosophy without experience
Can drive you mad
It reveals an oasis
But surely you know that it is a mirage
In the desert of your mind

All levels speak of that
which is beyond
But only when speaking stops

However that is not the end
Because the body remains
Complex mechanism that it is
A multi-faceted layered energy exchange

The body exists in a world of things
And relationships

Till his dying day the Buddha
Still taught
To awaken and enlighten
Because the world is not that perfect

Enlightenment is not the end
But the start


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