25 Ways How Enlightenment is Like a Never Ending Orgasm
how and why the idea came to me

I wrote 25 Ways How Enlightenment is Like a Never Ending Orgasm.

Was it a gimmick? A hoax?

Neither. It's a serious contribution to spiritual enlightenment literature. It was necessary otherwise you would not know what you are missing.

As an enlightened spiritual teacher I am obliged to describe the experience of Enlightenment. There are many descriptions but none actually come close to the actual experience.

A never ending orgasm is the best way to describe the Enlightenment experience. It is something to which everyone can relate.

My Enlightenment started on 19th June 2000 at 5 o'clock in the morning. That Enlightenment continues as an unbroken experience to the present day. It's been over 9 years.

As far as I know my Enlightenment had nothing to do with sex. However, the transcendental experience of orgasm has similar characteristics to Enlightenment. This includes transcending the mind, the cessation of thought, huge releases of positive feelings, surrender, a sense of Ok-ness and eternity.

What I really want to do is bring Enlightenment down to the everyday level. Enlightenment is not far away. Getting Enlightened is a journey of zero distance.

You can have these spiritual insights, and much more, by connecting with a fabulous spiritual energy called The Enlightenment Transmission. The Transmission creates awakenings and brings Enlightenment.

I am a custodian of the Enlightenment Transmission. If you want to get enlightened, awaken or know more about life and reality then join daveoshana.com to receive email updates about live online classes, free spiritual classes and enlightened advice.




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