Blissful & Alive

So gentle, kind, interesting and accessible. What you are doing is important - a radical and courageous way for a spiritual teacher. So much more intense than Satsang meetings - personal and real.

I just wanted to write and thank you for giving me your time and energy on Sunday.

I could write a big testimonial about how I really got 'it' when I was with you, how I lost 'I' and everything in duality made perfect sense (so much I wanted to laugh) and how the whole world and all it’s potential was inside me and it was the most blissful and alive I have ever felt and, and, and....... but you know all that!

You also know that now I am back and 'normal' but I do feel I can touch that bliss/excitement/potential whenever I can break my patterning to do it like now!

So this isn’t a big testimonial (though I’ll write one if you want me to!).

I’d just like to say a big “Thanks!” and that I really liked you!!!!! You know my personality just thought you were great apart from all the energetic connection.

You are so gentle and kind and interesting and accessible and I think what you are doing meeting individuals like me is really important - a radical and courageous way for a spiritual teacher to behave. So much more intense than Satsang meetings, more personal and therefore more real to someone with a mind and a personality!

I hope to meet you again as soon as circumstances will allow, then maybe I’ll 'get it' for the whole 2 hours and not just the last 15 minutes!!

Dave Oshana

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