Enlightenment Transmission's Lightning Strike

A lightning strike blows-up a family's personal computer system at exactly the same time that the husband met with Dave Oshana for a one-to-one. How statistically unlikely is that? This is not the first time that electrical devices have behaved bizarrely around Oshana even airport security machines have malfunctioned.

Two days before the lightning struck, Dave Oshana had e-mailed the father that his family members would be affected by the Enlightenment Transmission because the father was intensely involved in translating the enlightenment-now.com web-pages. You can read a summary of that email exchange in Stronger Stuff Coming. When they met Oshana explained that the Transmission acts in such a way that it encourages positive changes in alignment with enlightened living. the student brought Oshana apples ("omena" in Finnish, a portent of a weather omen?)

At exactly the same time the time of the meeting a thunder-storm arose which blew-up the circuitry of the family PC and computer screen upon which the son was playing computer games - something which he did not enjoy but had been persuaded to do. Replacement parts will not be easy to find.

Oshana's Enlightenment-now.com web-site had originally carried a photo of lightning striking. The word "enlightening" contains the word "lightning". Life and dreams present signs and wonders for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Shortly, after Oshana told a woman how the transmission affects electrical objects:

  • An airport security machine has to be reset after Oshana approached it.
  • Light-bulbs popped in several rooms when Oshana switched on the lights.
  • Mobile-phones (which emit toxic radiation when on, and are disruptive passive circuits when off) have automatically switched off, and in one case automatically switched on and rang when brought into an Oshana teaching class.
  • A mobile-phone voice-mail system started speaking in a foreign language (possibly Japanese) immediately after a one-to-one meeting with Dave Oshana.
  • Several computers and monitors have blown-up when Oshana has touched them.
  • These are but a few of the phenomena that happen around Oshana - the most immediately noticed of which have been the visual phenomena.

The student wrote to a member of the Oshana Enlightenment Translation Team:

"My computer broke down yesterday by LIGHTNING at the very same time as I was having a 1:1 meeting with Dave! : ) (My son was playing computer games, which he knows by his own experience isn't for him, but is dragged into playing sometimes).

"When having a discussion with Dave I knew that something might happen at our family or at home, and hardly could stop laughing when I heard what had happened! : )

"I have been searching for spare parts all this morning but it looks like nobody has them in Finland as the power supply of the screen for example is damaged and it is made in China. The rep who delivered the computer does not sell spares and the manufacturer of the screen has their support people in Denmark. Very international! Local computer shops do not have similar or even close by models available, how weird!"


It's not unusual for those who are close to the Transmission to be affected. 5 days after the lightning event and we have already learned that one of our national co-ordinators employers suddenly have to move offices. Also, our main webmaster has been extra busy because he maintains the late Christopher Reeve ("Superman" actor) websites which have received millions of hits in the last few hours since he died of a heart attack on 12 October 2004 (10.12.04). We take these events which affect students, upon investigation, to be manifestations of the Transmission's intensity.

Dave Oshana

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