Meet Dave Oshana

Oshana has just talked to me and now I have no thoughts!

I am amazed at the results of the 1-to-1 meeting with you! Your direct and masterful influence has radically awoken me to the blindingly obvious.

The experience of a 1-to-1 cannot be underestimated, I write this for all who are considering whether this guy is for real or not - Let me assure you that I consider it my greatest good fortune to have met with Oshana - His style and approach is entirely unique and he gets results!

The Secret of a 1-to-1

As I write this now my perspective is entirely different to what it was just two weeks ago. - How to describe a 1-to-1? I think it’s best if I don’t! It might raise too many false expectations in prospective students. The best I can say about it is to remain open to the transmission - Oshana’s unique approach centres around the very real energy emanating from his physical being.

Energy Transmission

On many occasions Oshana has encouraged us to seek the company of an enlightened being in order to benefit directly from the energies that such a person emits. In Oshana’s case, the energy is the hallmark of his teaching. Although his words can be profound, the unmistakable shifts in perception that I had was a direct result of something behind and beyond the words he spoke.

Disappearing Thoughts

The first thing that I noticed as I listened to Oshana was that my thoughts had disappeared! To a degree that I was perceiving the world around me through silent awareness. How curious! Oshana asks me "So what is happening now?" I find it difficult to respond, in fact I am speechless! Not a thought stirs across the silent presence that I am. But hold on a minute, I no longer perceive an 'I' here anyway, This beingness that is aware of itself perceives the world around it. To call it I or me makes no sense…

In fact this is one of the other teaching techniques Oshana employs. As he says, many people drop quite easily into no-mind states around him but are usually unaware that anything has happened, Oshana then tries to get them to notice that they are in no-mind, to recognise the state.

Awakenings In The Park

We continue like this for a while, but I realise that something enormous has happened - Here I am having desired Enlightenment for so many years, struggling and striving to achieve the ultimate state and this guy has just talked to me whilst sitting on a park bench and now I have no thoughts! In fact a deep feeling of contentedness arises - Nothing can disturb it.

What happened to all those stories about struggling and striving about not wanting it or wanting it as badly as a drowning man wants air? This was so utterly natural, so normal that it is breathtaking in its simplicity.

I see quite clearly that my being is the only reality, thoughts and emotions zing around trying to draw my attention and once I’m drawn into them, I’m identified with their story to the extent that I no longer am aware of my purely natural/awareness state. We are simply misidentifying - The illusion and pain that we suffer is simply a case of mistaken identity!

Conned By Satsang Teachers

We’ve been duped! It’s all a big con! The Satsang Teachers aren’t telling you the whole, simple truth - Indeed how can they, it’s so blindingly obvious! It only takes a moment and then your life is never the same again.

The Futile Search

And now from my new vantage point I see the utter futility of my search for this enlightened state. I was locked in my own thoughts, spinning around, playing the game of seeking for IT. It was all a story. Yet here IT is, the most natural and subtly sublime beingness/awareness. It has always been here, just as the Masters of old have said. Instead, like an artificial intelligence program I believed I was separate from my very own being and that I had to find or realise my own self.

Oshana - Radical Enlightenment Coach

All that was required was for someone to point it out to me - and Oshana you were that someone. Radical and uncompromising, you have shaken me to the point that I can’t ignore the obvious any longer - Words cannot do justice in expressing my gratitude to you.

If you are sincere about ending your search, if you truly desire the ultimate truth that is your being then I strongly advise you to meet Oshana. You will get results - the question is are you really prepared for it or are you content to live the lie?

Dave Oshana

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