No Mind

A precious taste of what I have been working towards by meditating, searching and travelling in India

I did wonder if - you were what you said you were - as I sat down next to you in the park.

All my doubts disappeared as I found myself in the most beautiful state of no-mind. It was a truly fantastic experience; it was such a relief to be without mind for that time, all the judgements and the constant clutter of circling thoughts went right out the window.

Things were apparently going on just as they were before I entered this state, but what a difference in perception! I became aware of my neglected mind kicking and struggling to get back in, I thought if I don’t move my head and maintain the present field of vision, I can hopefully deny; or at least delay, re-entry back into the 'J..-with mind-state'.

I became aware that I could perceive what I would interpret as an aura or some facet of an energy field around some of the people walking in the park, but I didn’t want to get distracted by concentrating on this for too long.

I felt that I was extremely lucky to be having this experience, and as soon as I thought that, I could feel my neglected mind desperately trying to make an entrance.

I feel I have had a precious taste of what I have been working towards achieving by meditating and searching, travelling in India, and studying, and if all that has led me to be in the position of sitting next to you in the park receiving a transmission, then it’s been worth it.

I wanted to wait for a while before communicating with you to see what the effects of my experience have been. There have definitely been some subtle changes, difficult to quantify.

I seem to be experiencing less attachment to the myriad of everyday experiences, things are not so 'important', and I’m not absolutely sure but I seem to be physically receiving more light onto my retina. Maybe there has been a physiological change in my eye muscles, certainly I have witnessed some spectacularly beautiful sunsets in the last few days, the colours have been wonderful!

What I most desire is the opportunity to sit with you again.

Dave Oshana

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