Personal Experience of Enlightenment

  • 5 seconds before writing this I'm shaking with energy, but in a great way so here goes.
  • From the top of my head, pulsing all the way through my body down to my toes. I was awash with transmission and I could see you sitting by my side acting as if nothing was going on!
  • The transformation this time was ludicrous. Within a few hours of arriving back in London, hardened Christians and Agnostics alike were on your website getting the Transmission.
  • Ten minutes after meeting, I went quickly very deep inside myself, what would normaly take ten days on a silent meditation retreat. This was especially unususal as I had had an extremely stressful day at the office.
  • I was surprised I got somewhat relieved from the constant emotional pain yesterday.
  • I've been doing a lot of the energy-work since your email and it is amazing how much psychological and emotional gunk it has cleared away.
  • I have no idea who you really are in there but I'm so far beyond analysis it's not worth a second thought. Anything or one who moves an individuals awareness 20 years in 1 day is definitely enlightened.
  • The experience was like meeting a long lost brother after 27 years.....BANG.....and it was for real.
  • After having dinner with you I know that you are 100% and I know that enlightenment is coming.


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