This page contains important information for overseas enlightenment students who want to attend the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching in Finland.

Questions: Travelling to and Staying in Finland

Answers: Travelling to and Staying in Finland

How can I get to Finland?

Generally, students fly to Finland but it is also possible to come by boat, road and rail.


Finnair flies to Finland from most countries and British Airways, SAS, KLM and Blue1 (and others) all fly to Helsinki's Vantaa airport. RyanAir flies to an airport near Tampere. Turku, the second largest city, has a small airport which may suitable for students attending our retreats on the Western Islands.


Two large passenger ships (Silja & Viking) make an overnight trip from Stockholm to Helsinki (18:00-09:00). These are sometimes used as "party boats" - so they are not recommended if you want a quiet night. There are also boats from Tallinn (Estonia) to Helsinki.

By Road

Road travel to Finland would take a long time. However, there are routes from through Denmark-Sweden (including boats), Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia or St. Petersburg (Russia).

By Rail

There is a train from St. Petersburg (Russia).

Do I need a special visa for Finland?

Unless you are a member of the European Union then should check with your local Finnish embassy.

How do I contact the OshanaOffice when I am in Finland?

You should have all necessary contact details before you travel. However, you can use the GSM/SMS number which appears in the Finnish section our contact web-page if you require orientation when you arrive.

Where can I stay in Finland?

It is sometimes advisable to stay for at least one extra night after an intensive or retreat. Senior students sometimes share a rented apartment which is more comfortable and economical than a hotel. Hostels are a cheaper option but are sometimes noisy. One of Helsinki's better hostels is Eurohostel. Occasionally, it is possible to rent an extra night at a retreat, though this maybe impractical if there is a next-day early morning flight.

How can I travel within Finland?

Finland has an efficient, extensive and reasonably priced public transport infra-structure comprised of buses, trains and trams. Taxis are also available (tipping is not required).

How can I travel to my hotel/hostel or accommodation?

Public transport connections, special airport buses and taxis from Vantaa airport to Helsinki are easy to find.

How can I travel to the Intensive/Retreat?

We can sometimes arrange car rides from Helsinki (or Vantaa airport) direct to our retreat venues. However, where that is not possible, it may be necessary to get public transport to as near to the venue as convenient, and from there arrange a ride.

How can I get Finnish money?

Euros, the currency of Finland and most of Europe, can be bought in almost every country. There are also currency exchanges at the airport and central Helsinki. Forex offer competitive rates without haggling. It is also possible to use Visa or Mastercard in stores and ATMs ("cash hole-in-the-wall") though you will not know the exchange rate the time of purchase. Our retreats can be paid in advance via either SWIFT or IBAN bank transfer systems.

How much money do I need for my Finnish trip?

The amount of money that you need depends on your individual requirements. You should have at least enough money for your travel, food and accommodation needs.

Where can I find vegetarian food in Helsinki?

Zucchini (central but lunchtime only) and Silvoplee (buffet), and Vege (central and new) are two vegetarian restaurants. If you are cooking or eating raw then there are several healthfood and organic shops including Ruohonjuuri, Stadin Luomu, SinunKaupat(chain), Ikivireä(chain) and Satu's organic fruit, veg & juice (bottled) stall (Luomupuoti SATUMARJA Satu Koivuniemi, Hakaniemen kauppahalli (indoor-market), Tel: (09) 272 2260). Supermarkets/department stores carrying a limited range of organic produce and products include Stockmann, S-Market and K-Market.

What can I enjoy in Finland?

Fresh air, nature, quiet, seasonal berries, sauna and sea.

Do I need to speak Finnish?

If you speak English then you could easily survive in Finland without knowing any Finnish. Many people can understand and speak English (which is commonly taught in school).

Can I work in Finland?

You should check with your local Finnish embassy. Most European Union countries have some sort of reciprocal trade and employment agreement with each other. You would be responsible for your own job search.

How long should I stay in Finland?

How long you stay in Finland is up to you. It is a clean and quiet country. If you are intending to take advantage of the many courses and one-to-one possibilities with Oshana then you should confirm your eligibility and acceptance with the Finnish OshanaOffice before making travel arrangements.


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