What is The Gateway to Enlightenment?

The Oshana Gateway to Enlightenment is designed to take spiritual seekers all the way to full (embodied) enlightenment.

A primary feature of the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching is that the Spiritual Enlightenment Transmission (Transmission) is essential for attaining Enlightenment.

The Transmission is a transformative energy which comes directly from the Source (the Unmanifest). It facilitates both spiritual teaching and learning, enables transcendental experiences and removes obstructions from the enlightenment path.

Conscious recognition of the Transmission happens under the auspices of an enlightened spiritual teacher. The student is then gradually prepared to allow Transmission into their own life in order to break the ties that hold them enslaved to the ego.

Giving up the dependence upon the ego and following the Will of Source is not a simple matter. Many romantic idealists have given up at the first sign of difficulty. It is generally not even the last resort even for the most troubled individual because the costs are unthinkable since they involve giving up all self-belief - forever.

Ultimately, enlightenment is attained when one becomes a Transmission Disciple, which means, that the human incarnation moves in accordance with the directions of Source (traditionally called the Will of God). When this happens the soul is free of ego-control and able to express the qualities of Source, which include: wisdom, love, compassion and awareness.

Spiritual Teacher Dave Oshana offers Transmission, Teaching and Techniques in a variety of ways. Sincere seekers everywhere have benefited from his spiritual guidance via phone, email and internet pages. However, full supervision and guidance is possible only through regular face-to-face teacher-student contact.

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching is imparted by two complementary methods, namely: impersonal group teaching and personal one-to-one meetings.

Currently, there are two different (but complementary) types of groups Oshana Teaching events, namely: Spiritual Enlightenment Teaching and Oshana Energy-Work Method events.

Students are required to attend short-duration teaching events before attending lengthier events.

Currently, there are 90 minute, 4-6 hour, 3-day and 11-day events. The 90 minute events impart fundamental enlightenment teachings or basic energy-work techniques, though there is generally something new each time Oshana teaches. 4-6 hour meetings are considered Intensives, of which there are two types: Spiritual Enlightenment Intensives and Oshana Energy-Work Master-classes. Events lasting 3 days or longer are called Enlightenment Transmission Retreats owing to their residential nature.

It is recognised that some overseas seekers may find it difficult to attend a series of progressively longer events. Therefore an extensive application and remote preparation procedure has been devised which starts with the completion of an Enlightenment-Potential Self-Assessment Form (EPSAF1). However, because this procedure is quite time-consuming, we are considering the possibility of integrated resident study programmes (further details will be released on the Enlightenment-Now updates email list).


The Oshana Gateway to Enlightenment includes:

  • assessment procedures
  • preparation procedures
  • group teaching
  • spiritual coaching


Further Notes

The Gateway to Enlightenment process is unique for every seeker. However, learning the general procedural structure of the Gateway to Enlightenment process will assist you in understanding where you are on the spiritual path. This is very useful if you are even moderately serious about spiritual life and getting enlightened. It is therefore recommended that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the following information.

Enlightened Spiritual Discipleship

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching recognises the absolute necessity for spiritual discipleship in the enlightenment/liberation process. Discipleship should not be confused with impractical religious ritual forms, such as, guru-worship, dogma or unnecessary hierarchies which confer fictitious spiritual states upon favoured patrons.

The Oshana Gateway to Enlightenment can be seen as a route towards Enlightened Spiritual Discipleship - a necessary prerequisite for Enlightenment.

However, seekers are not expected, nor accepted, to immediately become disciples. Discipleship is not something which can be bought by money, fame, service or course attendance. It is a natural response from the heart of the soul upon recognising the value of a true teacher.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Routes to Discipleship

The discipleship process takes time and involves direct teaching contact, honesty, awareness and understanding. There are two routes to discipleship, namely, the Traditional and Non-traditional Route.

The Traditional Route to Discipleship

The Traditional Route to Discipleship involves face-to-face meetings. It is called "traditional" because it is the route by which most seekers discover the unique qualities of the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching.

The term "traditional" is not to be confused with the admission procedures of other groups, such as, Hindu ashrams, Taoist masters and Zen monasteries. However, it could be recognised that real spiritual groups typically reject more applicants than they accept. So-called spiritual, psychic or healing groups which accept everyone without assessment, preparation and training are considered to be unethical and damaging.

The Non-Traditional Route to Discipleship

The Non-traditional Route to Discipleship includes remote application, assessment and preparation procedures in the early stages. These remote procedures, including communication by email and phone, help prepare students who cannot easily travel to Oshana Enlightenment Teaching. However, face-to-face contact is eventually necessary, and therefore, the Non-traditional Route to Discipleship cannot be completely remote forever. A key feature of this process is the EPSAF1 (Enlightenment-Potential Self-Assessment Form) procedure. The EPSAF1 is part of the overseas preparation process. Retreat applications can be made after the preparation phase.


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