The Spiritual Door

A seeker in Helsinki writes to Dave Oshana about his confusion with different gurus and choosing a spiritual path. Oshana provides clarity and a challenge to step on the real path, leave all concepts behind and enter through the real spiritual door.

The Seeker writes:

Dear Dave,

Gurus Gurus and energies energies... I have to write because I am so confused about gurus. I have been so confused about many other things. What to commit in this life which is so temporary thing. I want to COMMIT! Enlightenment is really my commitment! but (how) and with who? I have someway understood the real need of Guru/Gurus. We need them to get out of labyrinth of mind and turn lights on.

August... I have been in Amma-meditation groups and I am committed to do service when Amma comes here in Finland... And I have also started to arrange trip to India to Amma´s Ashram. Someway I feel that I really want and need to get month long or longer stay in teachers energy field. Get to in Ashram. This feels basically good.

And still I feel that you are real teacher and I have interesting experiences with you (few times I have even felt that I was you - crazy?! - smiling to things your way - I don´t know how to describe this strange experience.). There is connection. I have also remembered experiences from our first one-to-one meeting 2 years ago... Something happened there...?

Do I have to choose Guru - even there is only on GURU. Of course these problems are in my mind and my attachment/identification to different energies. Why I just can´t realize awareness which I am? I have also noticed that when I am doing chi kung / energy work there is kind of strong own flow which I could some way think as teacher energy... So confusing...

Why you are not giving informal meetings many times 2-3 / week? Hanging around city with you and following energy + spontaneous teachings, questions, tests and training. There would be people for that!

But would that ruin my serving and devotional heart level commitment to Amma? Would I lost those soft and beatiful energy connections.

Why your energy touch my "head" basically and it is "hard" and energy of Amma touches my "heart" basically and it is "soft".

I just want that someone turn lights on (I pray it something like that almost everyday and it have helped when I haven´t got strong connection to living Gurus.)... But yes then I would be Guru myself all this seeking and dear Gurus would disappear.

Oh this drama...


Dave Oshana's first reply:


Is there really anything for me to answer in your email. I think that in re-reading it that you could get all the answers you need to shine a light on your way ahead

love Dave O

The Seeker replies:

Yes, This is really stupid... because all confusions and other states come and go like this one.

I am clear with this guru staff... And I remember Osho´s saying from one book. It was something like: You should not look at Gurus and be hypnotized by their light/beauty... You should use their light to see your own path front of you. And I would add, to see oneself.

All glory to all Gurus, because they are so valuable.


Dave Oshana's second reply:


It's not as simple as that. If you see what you are doing then you will see that you are chasing ideas. You have been doing that for several years.

My position is that a committed seeker does need a teacher, teaching and transmission. Where you have erred is in having concepts about those three things instead of the real thing.

As an example consider this: you need a door to enter a building, but the concept of the door is useless, whereas the door is not only useful but necessary.

Doors actually exist and they are really necessary. Real spiritual teachers bring you to the real door. These are real doors between the boundaries in the construction of the levels in the manifested universe.

Dave O

Dave Oshana

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