Previous Events 2004

Summer Retreat I Turku Islands, Finland
23-25 July 2004 Energy-Work Entry-Level
Summer Retreat II Turku Islands, Finland
25-28 July 2004 Enlightenment Entry-Level
Summer Retreat III Turku Islands, Finland
29-31 July 2004 Enlightenment Advanced
Enlightenment Teaching Glastonbury, UK
14 Aug 2004 Everyone can be Enlightened
Enlightenment Intensive Glastonbury, UK
15 Aug 2004 Maximum Enlightenment
Enlightenment Teaching Brighton, UK
21 Aug 2004 Total Happiness via Self-Knowledge
Enlightenment Intensive Central London, UK
22 Aug 2004 Full Bodily Enlightenment
Free Teaching Helsinki, Finland
01 Sept 2004 Understanding Enlightenment
Free Teaching Tuusula, Finland
15 Sept 2004 Fundamentals for Enlightenment Seekers
Enlightenment Intensive Helsinki, Finland
18 Sept 2004Accelerating Union with Source
Enlightenment Intensive Tuusula, Finland
25 Sept 2004 To Go Deeper or Stay Ordinary?
Free Teaching Helsinki, Finland
28 Sept 2004 Living the Enlightened Life
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Nurmijärvi, Finland
1-3 Oct 2004 I Am Life
Fair Helsinki, Finland
16 - 17 Oct 2004 Hengen ja Tiedon messut
Free Teaching Helsinki, Finland
20 Oct 2004 The Movement of the Enlightenment Transmission
Free Teaching Tampere, Finland
23 Oct 2004 Explore Life, Explore Enlightenment
Energy-Work Intensive Helsinki, Finland
30 Oct 2004 Detoxify, Unblock and Connect
Enlightenment Intensive Tampere, Finland
7 Nov 2004 Living in The Enlightened Space
Enlightenment Intensive Helsinki, Finland
20 Nov 2004 Integration for Enlightened Living
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Nurmijärvi, Finland
3-5 Dec 2004 The Goal is Total Transformation
Enlightenment Events Central London, UK
12-20 Dec 2004 The Way of the Enlightenment Transmission
Enlightenment Evening Central London, UK
17 Dec 2004 Prepare to Meet the Real You
Enlightenment Intensive London, UK
19 Dec 2004 The Enlightenment Path - How to Walk It Well


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