Private One-to-Ones Helsinki, Finland
Thursdays (12:00 - 17:00)
One-to-Ones with Oshana
One-to-one meetings with Dave Oshana are often life-changing events. During these sessions students may gain self-understanding, experience healing and see strong non-physical lights (though that is not their main purpose). Friends, family and business projects may also be affected.

Students have the opportunity to experience the Transmission in a way which is tailored to their own individual needs. They can also ask questions to address issues which they feel are too personal or non-relevant for group meetings (however, Oshana stresses that group meetings are an effective way to learn the enlightenment and energy-work teachings and receive longer exposure-times to the Transmission).

One-to-Ones present overseas students with an ideal way to be assessed and prepared for upcoming intensives and retreats. In this way they can accelerate their learning by receiving a direct, personal crash-course from Oshana (however, stresses that students should, wherever possible develop a sound enlightenment education foundation by following a prescribed course of opening meetings, energy-work classes, 1-day enlightenment intensives before applying for residential retreats. Therefore, seekers who have never met Oshana, should realise that attending a One-to-One does not automatically confer the right to attend an intensive or retreat).

One-to-Ones are available to students who have attended any Oshana group meetings (and have registered their name on the contact-list) and for overseas students who have demonstrated a written understanding of the teaching (from studying existing material on and One-to-Ones are booked in advance in 1 hour slots (2 hour meetings are only possible in exceptional circumstances).


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