Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Turku Islands, Finland
11-13 Mar 2005. Starts 18:00
Explore the Elements
We may have to drive across the frozen ice to reach our island retreat. The views will spectacular, the nature beautiful and eerily quiet. Welcome to the Islands off the West Coast of Finland; a popular destination for Finns seeking silence, solitude and time to reflect - during the summer-time, that is. However, we will be there in the depths of winter, and will be lucky to encounter any physical life save for a few brave birds and, of course, ourselves.

If the venue seems, or sounds familiar, well that's because it is. It's been the scene for the most intense enlightenment and energy-work events ever during the last two summers.

And we have to be there. Not for natural wood and rock sauna by the ocean ice-hole (participation is not mandatory nor par for the course). Nor for the specially designed pine-wood shala (practice hall), the macrobiotic style kitchen or even the outside eco-toilets.

But we just have to be there because it so perfectly fits our requirements for a place to explore, expand and open the inner senses and energy gates - and that can't be comfortably done around large populations or electrical fields. Plus, the emphasis of this retreat is to connect to the elements - and on the island the connection with nature is so much closer, powerful and thus easily felt. This feature is an important as this course will focus upon perceiving one's actual (real, not imagined) relationship with the elements within creation, in particular, the inter-relatedness of the Human Body, Earth and Universe.

What will happen?

We will have an opportunity to engage in Enlightenment Dialogue: correcting misconceptions about enlightenment, energy work, meditation, diet, better ways to relate to and use the mind, body and emotions, safe ways to clear blockages from the central energy channels, connect to the natural energies of stars, sun, planets, plants and elements, and explore what it is to be a natural human being.

Note: This really is an intensive. Students may rise at 05:00 or go to rest at 02:00 - though generally there is enough time to get 6-8 hours rest. The schedule for each day will vary. Only meal-times are fixed. Daily hourly teaching averages will be normally be 8 - 12 hours. No other spiritual teacher offers such much care, time, attention and patience.

Eligibility: Owing to the extreme intensity of the work coupled with the continuous proximity to the Transmission, access to this retreat is restricted to students who have previously attended at least one retreat, or several enlightenment and energy-work intensives. Please contact our Finland Office as soon as possible if you are intending to apply.


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