Energy-Work Intensive Helsinki, Finland
26 March 2005. 14:00-18:00
Align, Sink, Dissolve
It is still a little known that the Oshana Energy-Work Method is more than just a powerful healing system in preparation for enlightenment but also a moving meditation. In fact, it is many other wonderful things too - and the joy of being an enlightenment student is discovering them.

Anyone who has tried to meditate, heal or simply "just be" (whether that "being" is just here, now, centered or grounded) will have found just how impossible it is to achieve - unless, that is, they are within the presence of a true enlightenment teacher. This begs the question - how to do it on one's own? And the answer is that though there will be some difficulties they are not as insurmountable as one might have imagined. This has been easily validated by Oshana enlightenment students.

The solution is in the getting the correct sequence of processes to happen with the human beings operating system. Once that has been achieved the outcome is a forgone conclusion - you will go into meditation - in the midst of whatever you are doing.

This magical formula is not so difficult to understand once you have experienced it, and then you want to re-apply it on all possible occasions, and thus never lose it. In words it boils down to just 3 concepts: Align, Sink, Dissolve.

This event involves many practical exercises so please bring loose cotton clothes and water. You will also find it useful to follow at least some of the preparation advice on our Intensive Preparation web-page.

This meeting will involve teaching by physical example, and will be mostly in English.


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