Enlightenment Intensive Helsinki, Finland
30 April 2005. 12:00-18:00
Enlightenment Happens In The Body: Connect through Clearing
teacher writes on board In this intensive Oshana will elaborate on a radical concept: enlightenment happens in the body first and then spreads to the other parts of the inner human system.

Enlightenment does not happen in the mind. However (and it is a little-recognised fact) that it eventually goes gets in incorporated into the mind as well. In fact, enlightenment happens in the body first and spreads upwards like a tree going through the emotional, mental and innumerable unnamed bodies (or shells).

These unique concepts, coming directly from Oshana's experience, find validity and proof in the Oshana Energy-Work Method practice, wherein students can feel the states of experience that are mapped out in the class.

"How can I get enlightenment?", you ask. By first, clearing the blockages that prevent life, consciousness and energy from entering your body. Notice that this takes place far outside of the mind.

When you clear obstructions to awareness then you will start to taste the oneness that you have heard about but not known for so achingly long.

Eligibility for this Intensive requires advance booking and attendance of at least one Introduction or one-to-one meeting.

Note: This event will be in a new venue.


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