Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Nurmijärvi, Finland
[Energy-Work] 13-15 May 2005. Starts 18:00
New Creation
We are now moving from spring into summertime and preparing for the July Retreat, we will bring ever piece of learning together, consolidate, clear any obstructions, earth our power before reaching up towards the stars and consider the flow of our individual lives.

The previous retreat was so overwhelmingly powerful that speech was rendered impossible by a delicious, all-consuming no-mind silence.

This retreat, entitled New Creation, is about moving beyond the occasional spontaneous gains and benefits of perceiving energy and getting healed by being around an enlightened being and making them fully your own. In other words, you become a New Creation.

Enlightenment is about standing on your own before the Universe with no teacher but yourself. There is nowhere to go after that stage has been realised.

Advance booking, advice, attendance of at least one Intensive, and knowledge of the Teaching is necessary.


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