Morning Energy-Work Classes Helsinki, Finland
from 2 June 2005. 06:00-07:30
Essential Practices
energy-work coachingHelsinki-area enlightenment seekers have a great opportunity to develop their energy and awareness level during early morning Oshana Energy-Work Classes in June and July.

"The students wanted extra meetings because there were no scheduled meetings from the end of May until the July Retreat. I wanted to offer the serious students something different and this is what turned up and more suprisingly original meetings will follow", said Oshana. "Anyone who turns up to practice so early, and outside, has to be serious. Those who put in the work-hours will raise the collective skill level of the group. The only way to do that is by practicing the proper methods. I will demonstrate the moves and support the energy field."

Each class will start at 06:00 - as Oshana considers this time of the day to add extra benefit.

The first class will be on Thursday 2 June 2005 in Helsinki, accessible by public transport and last about 90 minutes. Dates and venues may vary each week.

Everyone is welcome but new students should ask if their skill level is sufficient before arriving. Contact us by email or SMS via our Contact Subscribe Newsletter page.


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