Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Nurmijärvi, Finland
14-16 Oct 2005
Gateway to Enlightenment
energy-work hand positionThis Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is ideal for anyone who seeks to go deeply into the Enlightenment Teaching.

You will be in the Teaching Transmission continuously over many days and nights. Students may rise as early 05:00 and or rest as late as 02:00 - though generally there is enough time to get 6-8 hours rest. The schedule for each day will vary. Only meal-times are fixed. Daily hourly teaching averages will be normally be 8-12 hours. Oshana will demonstrate the qualities of a true spiritual teacher through his care, time, attention and patience.

You may be interested in the concentrated study opportunities afforded by this 3-day Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. New overseas seekers should apply in good time because the Transmission Preparation Process may take several weeks to complete.

Please book early to ensure a place.

For further details: Contact OshanaOffice-Finland


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