Free Teaching Helsinki, Finland
07 Dec 2005. 18:00-19:45
The Real Spiritual Path
spiritual_teacher_explainsThe final free enlightenment teaching with spiritual teacher Dave Oshana for 2005.

Considering that Enlightenment has been with the human race for thousands of years one might expect that it is well-understood. Far from it, indeed the opposite is true. In fact, spiritual error abounds and is the norm rather than the exception. The real spiritual path is difficult to find and walk because it is hidden within you.

Learn from the experience of an enlightened teacher as he describes The Real Spiritual Path.

Rikhardinkadun kirjasto
Rikhardinkatu 3

Free Entry.
Please arrive early to gain entry and a seat.
Doors will be shut once meeting starts.
Meeting in English. Finnish translation upon request.


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