Enlightenment Transmission Retreat Vähäkylä, Finland
09-11 Dec 2005
Enlightenment 101

Basic Description

This advanced spiritual retreat will focus on unknown basics of enlightenment seeking hence the deceptively simple title theme: Enlightenment 101.


Many under-educated seekers in modernity's mad-rush to become super-spiritual, enlightened-by-espresso and fashionably-high have ignored the true fundamentals of real spirituality. Spiritual ignorance is so institutionally ingrained by secularism and mind-numbing irrational organised religion that a thousand years of pseudo-spiritual effort gains not even one actual millimetre on the real spiritual path.

The simple forgotten truth of real spirituality is that actual progress initially comes only from applying certain basic life-style principles, energy-work techniques and enlightened advice.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who seeks to go deeply into the Enlightenment Teaching can apply to take advantage of concentrated Transmission and study opportunities afforded by this 3-day Enlightenment Transmission Retreat.


Ideally, Retreat applicants should have attended at least one 1-day Enlightenment Intensive and know some Oshana Energy-Work Method techniques. Overseas seekers who have not met Oshana need to prepare through the Gateway to Enlightenment process (a.k.a. Transmission Preparation Process) before being accepted - this can take several weeks to complete.

What Will Happen?

Participants will be stimulated by a range of inner experiences, exposed to paradoxical viewpoints and instructed in energy-work techniques both in the classroom and out in the nature. The Teaching Transmission will work with the students continuously over each 24-hour period.


Teaching times will vary according to a number of visible and invisible markers. Teaching follows the group energy and ability to absorb more learning and experiences.

The fixed points for each day will be teaching, questions and answers, three meals a day, rest, and showers. Each day will generally start with Energy-Work and may start as early as 05:00 providing that the previous day's classes finish before midnight. However, evening teaching may sometimes go as late as 03:00 am or even later. Students are allowed time to get sufficient rest on longer Retreats). Daily hourly teaching averages have been between 8-12 hours per day on previous Retreats (although Oshana has taught for 24 hours on longer Retreats).

Retreat Environment

Three residential buildings plus a teaching hall next to a lake and sauna-house. Ice-swimming enthusiasts will be glad to know that an ice-hole will be kept open. The land has been respectfully farmed according to natural and organic methods including spelt grain and berries - which are available to the kitchen.

Orientation and Travel

The Retreat is less then one hour from Helsinki. Full details, provisional travel and post-Retreat lodging assistance will be emailed to successful applicants one week before the Retreat.

Please book early to ensure your study place, accommodation preference, and special dietary requirements and to complete the application/preparation process in good time.

For further details: Contact OshanaOffice-Finland


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