Oshana Energy-Work Intensive Course Helsinki, Finland
11 Nov 2006. 12:00-15:00
Opening the Heaven and Earth Channels
energy-work posture adjustment The most important energy channels in the human body for life-force energy, higher consciousness and spiritual (mission) information are the Heaven and Earth Channels.

The opening, correct functioning and alignment of these channels is essential if any kind of meditation, yoga or qigong (chi kung) is to be fully successful.

The Heaven Gates bring vital energies for life and healing.

The Earth Gates allow grounding, remove toxic energies and correct imbalances. You will learn an effortless way to expanded states of awareness beyond those normally attained in meditation and for healing your body.

The important discoveries of the Oshana Energy-Work Method include:
  • posture
  • movement
  • self-healing
  • self-massage
  • expanding
  • grounding
  • cleaning
  • awareness
  • the basics of breath
  • vital energy points

This event involves many practical exercises so please bring loose cotton clothes and water.

Joogakoulu Shala
Kolmas linja 21 C
sisäpihan perällä
(ovikoodi 6085)
Kolmas linja Local Map

Please book early to ensure a place and receive your orientation and preparation info pack.


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