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Free Online Event
4 Apr 2020. Saturday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, noon New York)
World's End Party: Free Enlightenment Transmission Meet & Greet
Access Enlightenment Transmission miracles, awakenings and extrasensory openings, surprising newcomers with no prior experience of such phenomena at a previous free event. These openings are still continuing after one year.
Online Event
5 Apr 2020. Sunday. 7pm-10pm Helsinki (5pm London, noon New York)
Lying: The Insanely Inflammatory Virus Destroying the Energetics of Humanity
Lying: major cause of death and disease. I will teach you natural immunity to a virus that has plagued us with strife, discord, relationship breakdowns and wars.
Enlightenment Transmission Retreat The Islands, Finland
12-19 Jun 2020. Friday 6pm-Friday 4pm
Earth Goes Bye-Bye: 20 Years of Enlightenment Day Midsummer Island Retreat
Directly experience the raw power of 20 years of Enlightenment and miraculous Enlightenment Day phenomena on 19th June, and the midnight sun. Pre-registering now.

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