Spiritual Midwifery

Physical birth - the transition between two worlds: from the mother to the Earth.

Birth is a rite of passage which will affect the incoming soul forever in all relationships especially with mother and father.

Western medicine practice cannot help here because it is concerned with government policies and not with spiritual matters. Consequently, the birthing process can be disempowering particularly when the parents-to-be are confused, tired and pressured - as they might well be during labour.

Parents-to-be need realistic information to be able to make informed choices. Currently, patient-handling within the medical services is still many years away from client-centred. Consequently, you will have to have inform yourself. Fortunately, there natural birth resources available from internet, libraries and action groups.

During and after labour, the doctors and midwifes will attempt to affect the birth-process in ways that parents may later regret. You should find out what are their standard procedures and what your informed choices will be in advance of the special day. Certain facts are often hidden from expectant mothers so that medical authorities can execute their policies, which time has shown are not always enlightened.

You should view your assisted birth as a co-operation with the medical staff and not allow yourself to be treated as an object.

Get clear about the following procedures:

Vitamin K

Soon after birth the medical staff will pressure you to consent their giving an unnaturally high mega-does of vitamin K to your newborn baby via intra-venous injection. This standard procedure is generally hidden from the mother before birth. Why? It is a controversial procedure that earlier reports suggested might cause Leukaemia. There are risks. If you refuse the procedure the paediatrician may try to pressure you with guilt and blackmail during this very sensitive time, and may refuse to sign you out from the hospital.

Cutting the umbilical cord

The umbilical cord does not need to be cut as soon as the baby is born (except in emergencies), and many doctors agree but some do not. The medical staff will want to cut the cord as soon as possible or at least after it stops pulsing (or after 5 minutes). However, it is the last connection between the baby and the mother and provides support and security. There is no reason why it could not be left in place for 1 hour.

Sampling the umbilical cord

The medical staff will seek to extract fluid from the umbilical cord while it is still pulsing. This is for testing. They do not ask permission because they feel it is non-invasive - claiming that it does not involve the baby's body. Is that really correct?

Immediately Washing the New-Born

The medical staff will try to wash the baby's body as soon as possible. This will remove fine natural moisturising agents that protect the baby's skin from the harsh air temperature variations, dryness and environment pollutants. While there will be blood from the birth sac, it is not necessary to wash immediately. Chemicals should not be used. Oil and water will suffice.

Weighing and stretching for length

The medical staff will seek to weigh and measure the baby within the first hour of birth. The baby will be placed naked on a weigh scale which is often cold and hard. Then the baby will be stretched for measuring the height. The baby may not like this and will tense up, and the medical staff will insert an unnatural object (like a finger in a rubber glove) into the baby's mouth to try to get it to relax. They may also try injecting glucose into the baby's mouth. This is unnecessary and invasive, and permission is not asked. The best way to relax a baby is for the mother to breast-feed it.

The baby will be repeatedly measured during stay in a hospital, and this will wake up the baby. Paediatrician's sometimes handle babies impatiently, coldly and even rudely.

Not every baby needs to be compulsively monitored and measured.

Your Feeling, Your Rights

It is your right to have your birth in the way that you want it. Doctors are used to controlling situation and do not know how to react when a patient/client makes their own informed choices. They can feel challenged. However, in many situations the mother intuits what is best for the baby. You should also base your birth-plan on facts. Make sure that your birth-partner is aware of your wishes

Future topics:

Natural pain-relief, water-birth, pregnancy diets ...


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