Oshana New Year's Eve Tsunami Message

May peace and liberation come to those who seek it in 2005.

In the last few days the global community has received a shocking impetus to wake up from illusion following the Boxing Day Tsunami (26 Dec). Not only is the Earth still ringing from the physical effects of the earthquake, but the emotional and psychic bodies of all individuals directly and indirectly connected to this catastrophic tragedy have been dramatically shaken. The cloud of charged fear, grief and frustration that permeates the planet's atmosphere is so heavy that it can even be felt several kilometres above ground-level (I have made several air-trips since the incident). This cloud of heavy emotion and suffering will not disperse until the recently departed souls roaming in search of friends and relatives have been guided onward on their journey.

Oshana enlightenment students should maintain a sufficient level of energy and awareness to deal with and learn from this situation, and not sink into the helpless victim-consciousness that obsessive news-watching could create.

The souls of those who lost their bodies are not dead. The soul is indestructible. Even if the whole Creation was destroyed (and this is likely) the soul (which is Consciousness) would remain. This is what sincere seekers should discover as the Northern Hemisphere (I am writing from Finland) passes through the phase of extreme physical darkness towards extreme light (in the land of the Midnight Sun).

Although the earth and trees are covered with snow, and darkness abounds, life can be felt preparing to burst forward. This is not death but the opposite. Consciousness is like that for in it no-thing appears to happen, yet all potential is there waiting to manifest.

Darkness is the absence of light. Darkness is thing-ness devoid of life. Light is the expression of unmanifested life-force made manifest. Darkness is manifested thing-ness devoid of life. This could be explained in more detail but it is important that this message is emailed before the midnight as it sets the tone for coming New Year.

More information about upcoming teaching events will appear soon on our web-sites and e-mail lists.

Until then may peace and freedom reach all souls.

Dave Oshana


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