Final Open Teaching Meeting - 11 May 2005

On 11 May 2005, Oshana will give the ultimate meeting in his four-part free open monthly teaching series in Helsinki. This may be the last chance to catch Oshana's teaching translated live into Finnish.

Oshana says, "Delivering the latest teachings to a wide and varied audience in both English and Finnish has been a very enjoyable experience. So many more people have had the possibility to feel the Transmission and discover the uniqueness of this Enlightenment and Energy-Work Teaching. Its been very revealing to see how people react upon contact with this energy for the first time."

To the end of May there will be 1 weekend retreat and a 1-day Intensive, followed by the highlight event of the year, the 10-day summer retreat in July. More details can be found at our meetings web-page.

What happens after July? We have no schedule but there will be meetings although the format will be different to enable the teaching and students to evolve. Weekly one-to-ones with Oshana will continue (as usual) from Sept 05. A teaching DVD project will also start.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the Oshana Teaching events please make sure that we always have your current email address.


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