Global Teaching Development Plan 2005

Some exciting and important updates about the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching world-wide are contained in this email.

Five Years of Enlightenment Teaching and Transmission

By 19 June 2005 Oshana will have taught daily for five solid years. His teaching program has included free daily email and phone contact, personal one-to-one contact, overseas intensives, presentations at outdoor festivals, exhibitions, spiritual associations, a night club (the "Den of Enlightenment"), open meetings and long retreats.

New Directions

Following the 6th Anniversary Enlightenment Day Celebrations and the 10-day Summer Retreat in July 2005, Oshana's teaching program will take a different direction.

Until now, Oshana's teachings have only been fully available to those attending courses in Finland. It may surprise our online readers to learn less than 1% of the Enlightenment Teaching is distributed. This means that only those able to attend the enlightenment courses have been fortunate enough to directly appreciate the full depth of Oshana's Teaching.

Whilst the ranks of those who hear of Oshana's Teaching Mission grow in the thousands each day, few are really in the enviable position of discerning the true worth of the Teaching Transmission and its impact on daily life.

Fewer Local Meetings but Greater Global Accessibility

It is therefore planned that Oshana will spend more time on writing articles and books, and producing audio-visual CDs and DVDs in various languages. Consequently, after the July 2005 it is likely there will be fewer meetings. Of course, Oshana will give all meetings listed in the current Spring 2005 schedule, and it is recommended that you take full advantage of them now while you can. See the Oshana meetings schedule

Committed students (especially those who have attended intensives and retreats) will continue to have access to one-to-ones and free special group meetings (to be announced).

Many Upcoming Events Still Offered

There is still time to attend this Spring Enlightenment Meditation and Energy-Work events. Note that retreats spaces need to be pre-booked as beds are limited especially for the Summer Retreat. There will be 2 weekend retreats. The first retreat will be 11-13 March on the same nature island as the summer retreat - so it's a good opportunity to experience this wonderful venue. Booking a retreat requires attendance of one or more Intensives. Also our open teaching events, popular with both new and senior students, are all are free of charge.

One-to-ones continue to be available on most Thursdays for everyone, except before Retreat Fridays when the priority will go to overseas visiting students. An example is Thursday 10 March when many overseas students will be booking one-to-ones prior to the 11-13 March Retreat. Please book on the weekend retreat soon if you are thinking of attending.

Oshana will also teach in London 29-30 March and 10 April.

Oshana meetings schedule

New Web-Pages, Photos and Recorded Events

Visitors to have appreciated the addition of new pictures to our web-pages. We also plan to add audio (and later video) recorded live from Oshana's teaching events. "Consciousness" - an extra-ordinary meditation music CD giving Oshana's profound insights live from meeting in Glastonbury - will be available for sale on the Net soon.

These offerings require considerable resources and we welcome any donations of time, skills or tools to complete these projects sooner. However, with or without support we will deliver more of Oshana Enlightenment Teaching's fascinating aspects. As ever help networking and linking is always appreciated.

A recent example of the quality teaching information being compiled is the recently updated "About Enlightenment-Now" web-page which provides a detailed overview of the teaching which has never been seen before and will be expanded in the near future.

Oshana meetings schedule

Keep sending in your suggestions about what you want to see on the site and in the new book.


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