Hengen ja Tiedon Fair 16 - 17 Oct 2004

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching will have a presence at the Helsinki Hengen ja Tiedon Fair this weekend 16.-17.10.2004 thanks to www.synerki.com who have kindly donated display space in Exhibition Room 23.

Exhibition visitors will be able to collect leaflets and posters for all 2004 teaching events including the upcoming free teaching classes on 20.10.2004 at Rikhardinkadun kirjasto (Helsinki) and 23.10.2004 at Metso Library (Tampere), and register to join our Enlightenment-Finland list for email updates about future events.

Please note: The 20.10.2004 event will probably be full, therefore please arrive early as we may have shut the doors after the start time of 18:00. A similar procedure may have to be followed on 23.10.2004 in Tampere so please arrive before 13:00 to get a seat.


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