Journalist Experiences Oshana Meditation
Evita Magazine
Issue #2

A journalist heard about Dave Oshana's ability to transfer No Mind to others and went to explore it as part of an article which wonders if meditation can work for a working mother. Read about it in the current Evita magazine issue #2 (in Finnish only).

Journalist Experiences Oshana Meditation
Evita Magazine »

Dave Oshana Interview/Article
Minä Olen Magazine

Interview and article about the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching of enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana in the current edition of the Finnish Minä Olen -lehti - 6 pages.

21 Aug 2009 Minä Olen Magazine Interview »

Oshana Methods - Book, DVD and Schedule Changes

Dave Oshana's life as a spiritual teacher started in June 2000 with an event which he calls "my Enlightenment Day". His earliest methods involved transforming individuals during group question and answer sessions (these people had just walked in off the street).

Dave discovered that the active ingredient in changing individuals was an invisible resonant energy called the Enlightenment Transmission, which even affects people through his writings, web-pages (without having read anything), over long-distances and in dreams.

After May 2005, Dave will concentrate on explaining his teaching through books and DVD. If you have any knowledge or advice in the area of publishing, film or audio please contact us.

12 Mar 2005 Read more »

Global Teaching Development Plan 2005

Following the 6th Anniversary Enlightenment Day Celebrations and the 10-day Summer Retreat in July 2005, Oshana’s teaching program will take a different direction.

Until now, Oshana’s teachings have only been fully available to those attending courses in Finland. It may surprise our online readers to learn less than 1% of the Enlightenment Teaching is distributed. This means that only those able to attend the enlightenment courses have been fortunate enough to directly appreciate the full depth of Oshana’s Teaching.

20 Feb 2005 Read more »

Oshana New Year's Eve Tsunami Message

May peace and liberation come to those who seek it in 2005.

In the last few days the global community has received a shocking impetus to wake up from illusion following the Boxing Day Tsunami (26 Dec). Not only is the Earth still ringing from the physical effects of the earthquake, but the emotional and psychic bodies of all individuals directly and indirectly connected to this catastrophic tragedy have been dramatically shaken. The cloud of charged fear, grief and frustration that permeates the planet's atmosphere is so heavy that it can even be felt several kilometres above ground-level (I have made several air-trips since the incident). This cloud of heavy emotion and suffering will not disperse until the recently departed souls roaming in search of friends and relatives have been guided onward on their journey.

31 Dec 2004 Read more »

Finland 2005 Events - Sneak Preview

Observant readers of our meetings page will have noticed the gradual appearance of some new (and friendly) creatures - the 2005 events. The schedule of which is being created as I write ... (includes Energy-Work & Enlightenment Retreat 17-27 July 2005)

27 Nov 2004 Discover more »

Tampere Enlightenment Intensive Flights

RyanAir's inexpensive flights make Tampere, Finland a cost-effective way for overseas students to gain direct access to the Transmission in early November.

15 Oct 2004 Read more »

Hengen ja Tiedon Fair 16 - 17 Oct 2004

The Oshana Enlightenment Teaching will have a presence at the Helsinki Hengen ja Tiedon Fair this weekend 16.-17.10.2004.

15 Oct 2004 Read more »

More Enlightenment Transmission Events (2004)

Seekers never forget the experience of the Transmission - over 75% of the participants reported experiencing extra-ordinary phenomena from their first encounters with the Transmission.

12 events including a free 5-part introduction series and residential retreats have been scheduled for the rest of 2004. Web-page also includes a personal message from Dave Oshana. Events in Helsinki, Tuusula, Tampere and Nurmijärvi.

14 Sept 2004 Read more »


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