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Hi Everyone!

I vividly recall the awakening of an academic writer in her very first Enlightenment Introduction. The room was ringing with energy-waves. The walls were pulsating. It was as if a nuclear bomb had irradiated the ego of everyone present. You could have heard a pin drop.

That was in Bristol, UK, in 2001. People still remember it and ask when will there be another meeting. The same happened in America where the teaching tour had to be extended an extra 7 weeks.

Seekers never forget the experience of the Transmission - during the Easter Retreat 2004 over 75% of the participants reported experiencing extra-ordinary phenomena from their first encounters with the Transmission.

In the next few months there are many more opportunities to experience the Transmission and learn from the Teaching - 12 events including free meetings and two residential retreats have been scheduled until the close of 2004.

We do not know how long the Teaching will continue in Finland - which is why you should consider attending as many events as possible, including all Introductions, because new information and Transmission is constantly becoming available.

Long-time enlightenment students know all the above facts but new people may not fully appreciate the good fortune available in Finland at this time. However, seekers who missed the meetings in their own countries are now travelling here from all over the world.

We are now taking bookings for all Intensives and Retreats. These popular events have been over-subscribed, so please confirm you attendance as soon as possible.

More details (with photos) are available from our meetings web-page

Best wishes - and may you know all that there is to know -
Dave Oshana

12 events including a free 5-part introduction series and residential retreats have been scheduled for the rest of 2004. Events in Helsinki, Tuusula, Tampere and Nurmijärvi.


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