Oshana Methods - Book, DVD and Schedule Changes

Dave Oshana's life as a spiritual teacher started in June 2000 with an event which he calls "my Enlightenment Day". His earliest methods involved transforming individuals during group question and answer sessions (these people had just walked in off the street). He called this approach "Interactive Dialogue".

Dave later discovered that the active ingredient in changing individuals was an invisible resonant energy called the Enlightenment Transmission, which even affects people through his writings, web-pages (without having read anything), over long-distances and in dreams.

Now, Dave mostly focuses on preparing individuals for the life-changes they claim to want, in other words, for another reality - in fact, the only reality, a world beyond the labelling of the conditioned mind. "Modern man", says Dave "is losing his root to the Earth".

Consequently, Dave teaches the Oshana Energy-Work Method which brings the spirit back into the body and connects it to the physical (and energetic) world. After May 2005, Dave will concentrate on explaining his teaching through books and DVD. If you have any knowledge or advice in the area of publishing, film or audio please contact us.


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