Well-Priced Flights to 07 Nov 04 Tampere Intensive

Awhile ago we noticed that RyanAir, the low-cost airline was flying to Tampere, Finland where we will have a 1-day Enlightenment Intensive, suitable for beginners and advanced students.

However, we did not exactly realise how extremely cheap some of their flight deals are until a European student told us about flights for 1 Euro (69 pence)!

Upon investigation we found a flight from London Stansted 44.22 GBP plus a small handling charge. So it may be slightly more, and you might find a flight for much less and find yourself in Tampere for the weekend for the 1-day Intensive.

Our European saving, savvy student also found a reasonable accommodation at Hostel Tampere (Uimahallin maja).

This all adds up to RyanAir's inexpensive flights making Tampere a cost-effective way for overseas students to gain direct access to the Transmission in early November.

Let us know if you are interested in making the 07 Nov 2004 Intensive in Tampere.



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