Summer Retreat New Openings & Spanish Pages Online

Summer Retreat New Openings - Partial Attendance & Tent Accommodation Available

For seekers who would like to attend the summer island retreat (starting 17 July) but cannot, for whatever reason, stay for the whole 11 days. It is possible to arrange a shorter stay course.

The Enlightenment Transmission-filled Retreat will focus on Oshana Energy-Work Method practices, Enlightenment Teaching, Oshana Energy-Diet Cooking Methods (and tasty munchings, of course).

Spanish Web-Pages Now Online

We now have Spanish language translations of some of most important web-pages, and more will be added soon. The Spanish pages project represents a international co-operative partnership between Enlightenment-Potentials across the world from Chile, Finland and America.

Spanish and British flag symbols have been added clearly highlight links to language sections.

You can view the first Spanish Enlightenment web-pages through this Lifestyle index page.

Finnish Navigation Menu Now Online has long had a complete collection of Finnish web-pages. A Finnish menu has now been added so that Finnish-only readers can navigate the Finnish enlightenment web-pages.


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