23 - 31 July 2004 Retreat Notes

A Finnish enlightenment student shares some notes made after the Summer 2004 Retreat.

When you know yourself and your relationship to everything, you do not need to be reminded of who you are. Compared to knowing yourself everything else is peripheral. All suffers in creation because you are not in proper place.

Three cornerstones of reaching happiness or enlightenment are:

  • Commitment
  • Awareness
  • Energy

One develops natural affinities in the process of living one's life. The search of collecting assessments may lead one to compete with oneself. It is important to cut the self condemning programs in mind and not be concerned in counting the inevitable losses in life.

What people call social is usually conforming and compromising behaviour. A structure like organization can create some robot like behaviour. Being spiritual is following your heart. No sell out means staying in one's integrity. Once one starts against one's conscience is a start of a slippery road. If one wants to make changes then one will have to change, give part of one's ego, mind, precious beliefs and heart to make space for change.

What people want from each other is attendance and awareness. Accuracy in thought, word and deed is a result of awareness. Awareness follows attention. The human body is localized awareness containing identity. Thoughts, energies and emotions inside look corresponding elements outside or can perpetuate them in other entities. Once one can tune in into higher purpose, life will reorganize itself.

The energy that causes transformation and a spiritual evolvement of an individual is called Transmission. Energy work is a connection to enlightenment and Transmission. In relation to trinity Transmission is another expression for Holy Spirit.

God is an unmanifested oneness

Son is manifest being, physical component and spiritual component potential

Holy Spirit: The Transmission of Holy Spirit awakens spiritual component in Son alive and transforms man to embody God.

Transmission is alignment of the particles of individually experienced consciousness. The significance of Transmission is the transformative effect on people's lives. It takes something from outside to break up the physical, emotional and spiritual sheets covering one's heart. One has to be vigilant to follow the energy.

One's false identity is built on the workings of mind and emotions. Oshana will have to find keys to unlock one's mind as a teacher. He is waiting to a break between the clouds of thoughts for one's mind to allow the soul to shine.

All verbal elaboration about Transmission is factually relatively irrelevant. The verbal elaboration about Transmission is only to develop minds until the seeker will be fully absorbing the Transmission. There is a certain resistance as the psychic energy surrounding the ego starts to disintegrate as a result of Transmission.

Everything has a potential to be used by Transmission as an agent of teaching. Oshana is not the supplier; he is the transmitter of information from the light of the soul. He further states:" I cannot know what I will be doing next as a way of a life of an enlightened entity". Finally, Oshana humbly admits that he is totally dependant upon the Transmission to convey the message he is compelled to impart for prepared students.

The strongest way to connect to Transmission is being part of the movement, mission and vision of Transmission.


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