Explore the Elements - March 2005 Island Retreat

I have just got back from Oshana's Winter Island Enlightenment Retreat entitled "Explore the Elements". It was everything that I could have expected and more. I feel cleansed, strengthened and rebuilt. I knew that my life had to change, and now I feel that it has changed.

island_retreat_snowOshana promised to connect us to the elements, the nature and our true selves - and he delivered on a beautiful, island in the midst of a frozen ocean. As Oshana led the group onto the ice-capped sea, only the sound of one's own heart beat and the distant wind in some remote pine and silver-birch trees could be heard.

It was here that I realised that the answers to life's problems is releasing one's problems to the elements - the howling wind, the cold ice and earth - and what about fire, you ask? We created our own fire (the "inner sauna effect", Oshana calls it) to push out all unresolved thoughts and emotions from the body. Simple, effective and feeling delicious.

Back in our specially designed pine-wood meditation hall, Oshana showed us major healing points and release points. It was a mystical experience. Someone remarked how their hands were hot.

Mental recall fails, where only feelings remain. Tellingly, the opening meeting involved only a brief talk by Oshana (who has been known to lecture until 5 a.m.) followed by silence. Questions could not be found. We were all overwhelmed by the Transmission. Only after arising early and completing an exacting series of Oshana Energy-Work Method exercises did we find our voices, and much dialogue ensued.

I recall one overseas student asking why he had felt such a powerful energy upon first arriving at the farmhouse, adding that the effect was beyond any that he had encountered through direct contact with nature. Oshana said it was the combination of nature, intent and Transmission. I felt lucky to have been there, as did everyone there.

I now have something that can never be taken away from me. The Oshana Teaching and Transmission never ceases to amaze me. It keeps delivering more and more than ever before.


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