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Feeling of Unity

It took a Canandian journalist nine months to find the words to describe her mind-altering consciousness-expanding trans-atlantic telephone conversation with enlightenment teacher Oshana:

About nine months ago, I phoned Oshana. We talked, or more accurately we were on the phone, for well over an hour. He asked me then to write about my experience but I’ve never been able to find the words. I called him again today but got his answering machine. An email from him arrived a few minutes ago and it seems now the words describing that phone call are ready to come forth. Don’t ask me why.

What’s most remarkable about my experience with Oshana was the immediate connection and feeling of unity I felt. There were long periods of silence during our call. Those silences were anything but empty. They were full. Most of the call, I spent sprawled on my front lawn amazed at the vividness of the splendor before me. I’d never seen the grass so green nor the sky so blue. Everything seemed larger than life and those minutes slipped by.

I couldn’t tell you what we talked about specifically. Nothing and everything is the best way to put it. But I do recall him talking about a metal nail binding the upholstery to a chair. He described how to him it was swirling energy, not a nail at all. This stood out for me at the time because I see swirling energy all the time. And since that call, these experiences have become heightened. I’ve experienced full blending in to my surroundings, most recently when talking to my sister on the phone a couple of weeks ago. I happened to be facing a wall in my kitchen and in the middle of our conversation I could feel myself becoming one with it. It’s the neatest thing because basically it’s like merging, there is definite movement as I become aware that everything really is moving and I’m moving with it. I can simply bleed in to it becoming expansive, or at least that’s how it seems to me. It’s like the ultimate letting go but that’s not it exactly. There aren’t any words that accurately describe it.

When Oshana was talking about the nail, I had recognition on a level that I can’t really describe. Sort of knowing that this is true but not having known or remembered an actual experience. What I mean is that at that time I saw swirling energy, yes, but not in relation to an actual object. Now, during focused meditation (I keep my eyes open), I see precisely what he was describing. I guess it’s the breaking up of The Matrix. I don’t know. Regardless, it’s fun and feels really good.

I’ve not spoken to Oshana since that call but I’ve talked to his answering machine twice since then, once a few days after our initial call and today, months later and after reading an article he wrote. What’s most telling about these other two calls is that merely connecting with his machine produced unity of mind for me. I think it’s why I desire to be in his presence and maintain a connection.

Interestingly, I think he knew I wanted to hang out with him when he told me during that phone call that my work (well, for lack of a better word) is in Canada while his is in England. I felt a momentary pang of separation but shifted back rather easily because I knew I could be with him any time I desired.

Do I understand any of it? No and yes. What I experienced was an understanding that I must both seek and not seek it to find it. Any time during that call I tried to seek or understand, I was lost. And yet it was seeking that brought me to Oshana. But it was in those silent, full moments that I found. And Oshana, thank you for that! I love you.

I connected with Oshana some nine months after naming unity consciousness as the vision I hold for myself and the world. I just now noticed the nine month interval and am left wondering if this has something to do with birth. Who knows?

Thanks Oshana for the gift of being in your presence. It was unforgettable.

Dave Oshana

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