What are you not prepared to give up in order to gain Enlightenment?

Notes from Meeting with Oshana - 16th June 2003, London


The following is a partial recall of a session I had with Oshana recently. The session lasted two hours but as is always the case recalling the details of what Oshana said after the event is quite difficult. Although I retain the gist and message of what was said, much of what is written below is subject to my own partial recall and flawed reporting.

Rogue Programs and the Need for Vigilance

No Mind is not Enlightenment, it's relatively easy to induce but it's just No Mind.

Become aware of your Intention. Pursue it and let it motivate your search. Don't be distracted by the myriad programs that run your life. When was the last time you were aware of what's happening in your life? What did you do in the last 24 hours? You have these chunks of missing time that you can't even account for, so who is living your life?

The programs (or vasanas) are running your life and you are unaware of it. Family responsibilities, money, work, eating, relaxing, all are dictated by the sub programs running you.

Are you even aware of what you want? What do you truly want? Can you feel it?

Unless you make the move and become aware of the programs that are running you minute by minute, unless you make the effort to pursue your intention you do not have a hope! There is no way you can truly be free.

You have to break the cycle now, otherwise you will live in the same way indefinitely. It requires you step out from the herd and overcome the inertia to stay as you are.

The rogue programs that run your life are all interlocked like a jigsaw and it's only when you make the effort to prise one out that the rest of the pieces will break apart and dissolve.

How to Motivate Your Search For Enlightenment

In order to motivate yourself look at your level of awareness now and compare it to what it was last year. Already, your awareness has expanded to reveal other facets of this life that you were living, how much more must there be? Do you want to go back to the life you led previously? Do you want to live that life indefinitely?

The Core of your Being is only revealed when you make the effort to bring it down to and through you. If, as is popularly believed, everything were perfect then there would be no need for teachers, since everything is perfect no teaching would be necessary.

Warning! You Have Been Infected By Multiple Viruses

The Human System is like a Personal Computer wired to the Internet and on-line. Virus programs that do not even show up on the Internet Browser can infiltrate the PC and send out a beacon for other more damaging viruses to follow. The virus once inside the system replicates and transmits itself often to those addresses stored in your email address book.

Similarly various thought and behaviour viruses that quite quickly take over the running of the human system infect the human system. These viruses are then passed on to people within the person's social circle. I.e. thoughts, belief systems, modes of behaviour and other control programs directly 'infect' others around the person.

What is needed is a total system purge, and it is your responsibility to find the 'boot disk' or the core operating system from which the system can be reloaded clean and virus free. You must sift through your mental and emotional baggage, striving to find that Core Being which will purge you. (Note parallel to Matrix Reloaded themes)

What Do You Really Want?

So what is important to you? What do you really want in life? And how are you going to take steps to make that happen? Oshana was really trying to convey the point that the next step involved effort, a genuine movement in the direction of my own purpose, being clear about it and then pursuing it wholeheartedly. Even though it might mean upheaval or radical change in my life.

Oshana posed two questions that he described almost as having a Koan quality and worthy of contemplation:

What are you not prepared to give up in order to gain Enlightenment?
What would make you leave the teaching relationship with Oshana?

The answers that these questions revealed would help me prepare for the way my programming would try and stop me from pursuing my Purpose or Intention.

Oshana further explained that this aspect of analysis and constant vigilance required effort and was a struggle but he also warned that not to pursue this to its final outcome would mean a form of stagnation.

The Enlightenment Energies are not truly manifesting in this world unless an Enlightened Being draws that Energy and allows it to trickle through his entire being from the Infinite to the finite, here and now world. This is why Oshana emphasises the importance of right diet and lifestyles and the focus on Energy work to clear the channels to receive and transmit clearly.


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